STEM Activities for Tweens: Some ideas and tips

Recent findings have shown that students, specifically teens, tend to fall behind with their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) studies during the latter part of high school. Whether this is due to weariness from the subject or because overtime the lessons become challenging, it’s becoming a potential threat to STEM-related industries and businesses.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best STEM activities for middle school that your young learners can work with to prepare them for higher STEM Education.

Recommended STEM Activities for Teenagers:

Science Projects

Teaching your students some quick and easy science projects is a good way to hone their skills and interest in STEM, particularly in science.

For a middle schooler, science projects feel like magic, and knowing the secret to these “magic tricks” will certainly help them develop a whole new fascination for science. You can teach them how to do STEM projects in a variety of branches, such as physics, chemistry and biology.

stem project for teens


Coding is the language of programmers and like any language, it can be mastered at an early age given the right resources and activities.

In addition to this, coding is the heart of technology and progress. We are now living in the fast-paced digital age, and whatever technology we now have in our hands is due to this very language.

With our generation swimming in all this technology, coding activities in the form of mobile applications and toys are now all the rage for kids and preteens. More and more educators are making use of these resources to let their students explore the world of computer programming and develop a passion for it.

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Buildable Toys

Playtime is a necessity for middle school students, but who says they can’t learn while playing? Let your students play with buildable toys and watch them go wild with their creativity and challenge their skills in engineering and architecture.

Buildable toys are not only fun for kids. Their parents can also join in the fun and guide their kids as they go along. In fact, buildable toys for adults like robots, cardboard architecture, and dioramas are also available for the young at heart.

You can teach your kids how to play with these more demanding toys to further develop their passion for the craft and the engineering behind it.

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Real World Math Applications

Let’s face it – teaching math can be rather challenging, especially when your students are not yet exposed to its applications in the real world. One way to alleviate your woes in teaching math is by incorporating real world applications like buying groceries or analyzing game probabilities.


Conclusion: The benefits of STEM activities

The best way to ensure that students don’t lose interest in STEM is to start them young. Whether you’re a parent, and educator, or both, teaching your kids about these four core subjects in fun and enjoyable ways is key to instilling a passion for learning.

With the right resources and STEM activities, you can make kids and pre-teens discover their love for the subjects.

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