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Challenges teachers face when teaching online

It has been a challenging period of time for all teachers, all around the world. We cannot deny that fact. All of a sudden, and because of something ...

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Essential Skills for Future Coders

As technology continues to rapidly innovate and dominate the world as we know it, coding is quickly becoming the most valuable language to have on ...

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Virtual robots: The power of learning from home

In these difficult days, where schools are closing their doors all over the world and finding new ways to keep their students learning, teachers are ...

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Teaching coding has never been easier

For most teachers, it is a nightmare to discover new, exciting, engaging, and easy ways to teach their students coding and robotics programming. For ...

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5 tips to keep students engaged while learning from home

If it is challenging for educators to keep their students engaged during class time, imagine how difficult it is to keep them motivated at home when ...

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12 Cool Facts About Programming and Coding You Didn’t Know

Everyone is talking about programming and coding. Parents, administrators, teachers, and principals understand how relevant it is to teach students ...

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Coding and math: How related are these fields?

Many teachers face a hard challenge when teaching their students math. It is very common to witness kids, in classrooms all over the globe, that ...

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Tips for Introducing Career Paths to Students

In order to get future generations excited about working in STEM fields, it is important to begin introducing and integrating the concepts of what ...

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The biggest challenges in teaching students to code

If there’s something we know, is that teaching our students how to code is a must. In some sort of way, teaching them how to code is teaching them ...

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Coding and Resilience

Which skills can your students strengthen while learning how to code in your STEM class? Which abilities can they develop while receiving knowledge ...

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