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Coding and Resilience

Which skills can your students strengthen while learning how to code in your STEM class? Which abilities can they develop while receiving knowledge ...

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Why your kids should learn Robotics

It is pretty amazing to think about how far we’ve come with technology over the past three generations. Things our grandparents couldn’t even ...

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Coding robots: Learning how tomorrow’s world will work

We’ve mentioned many times before that Robots could replace humans in a quarter of US jobs by 2030. Also, we have discussed the importance of ...

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How Can Robotics Competitions Prepare Your Students For The Workforce

We’ve talked about robotics competitions on multiple occasions before. It is pretty clear how and why do they help our students gain and strengthen ...

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Engineering Smart Technology and Social Justice

Smart technology is making its way into almost every aspect of our lives. Just about everyone has a smartphone and, in some homes, smart tech has ...

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Girls Can’t Code and Other Modern Myths

Have you also heard that girls can’t code? You also advocate to end the gender gap both in coding and in STEM education? We strongly believe in ...

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STEM Lessons for Historically Underrepresented Students

It’s no secret that STEM subjects are dominated by white men. But in our increasingly diverse world, can STEM fields evolve to become more ...

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5 reasons robotics is important for STEM

We’ve discussed the benefits of STEM education multiple times. There are numerous 21st-century skills that students can obtain throughout their ...

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Coding for Kids: Why is it important?

Coding, coding, coding. Everybody is telling you that coding is important for your students. All recent studies show that coding can prepare them for ...

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Robotics for All – Virtual Equals Inclusive!

We’ve said it many times: the world has changed. When being part of the ongoing 4th industrial revolution there are many things we must take into ...

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