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Social-Emotional Learning: Why does it matter?

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner    In our last post, we talked about what social-emotional learning ...

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The Big 5 Computer Science Coding Concepts

By: Dr. Sharon Torrence Jones, Founder, thedot. Consulting & Dottie Rose Foundation   “The computer is incredibly fast, accurate, and ...

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Social-Emotional Learning: What Is It?

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner    Any educator can tell you the buzzwords that are on their ...

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Why should kids learn coding from an early age?

Coding is considered a foundational literacy skill for the digital age. It is just like learning about reading and writing, but instead of reading ...

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How to Select a Gamified Computer Science Platform for Your District

Please enjoy our FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE found at the end of this article to help guide your decision process for your district.    ...

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“I Didn’t Want to Let It Go”: STEM Access Deep in the Heart of Texas

  Jacqueline Moreno knows a thing or two about the impact of access.  As the Director for Math and Science at Galena Park Independent School ...

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6 Strategies Educators Can Adopt For Equitable STEM Communities

Strategies and Resources Educators Can Adopt From Thriving Tech Communities   Equitable STEM opportunities in Computer Science fields have been ...

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NASA Resources for Educators

Everyone loves NASA. And NASA loves everyone. In fact, they’re brimming with NASA resources for educators and ways to get engaged. Need some quick ...

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5 Critical Components of Equity-Focused Teaching

5 Critical Components of Establishing a Foundation for Equity-Focused Teaching   The importance of Computer Science education continues to be on ...

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Inspired to Make a Difference

Enjoy the first piece written by our featured guest writer, Maria Anna van Driel, of the Next Truth magazine and podcast.   When we think about ...

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