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Industry Giants Working to Improve Education

Do you remember that a long time ago we wrote about the giants who are in the race to teach coding for kids? Well, in this opportunity we decided to ...

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Great Women of Tech-History: Hedy Lamarr, Grace Hopper, Reshma Saujani and Linda Liukas

Many times we’ve written about wonderful women who’ve changed the world. Since we’ve seen the energy of so many female students in the numerous ...

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Coding influences your students’ self-esteem

What’s the relation between kids’ self-confidence and self-esteem and coding? How can programming a virtual robot can influence the self-esteem ...

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Robotics are only the beginning: What’s next for our kids?

For several years we’ve been teaching STEM through cyber robotics. This wide, amazing field is full of engaging elements that make the learning ...

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How to Connect STEAM-Based Education to the Real (Online) World

STEAM-based education is based on the idea that science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics are essential to solving problems in the ...

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Closing The Gap Between Men and Women in STEM | Guest Bloggers

Why is there such a gap between men and women in STEM? See what can be done to fix the problem! ...

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CRCC Competitions: Inspiring the entire CoderZ team | Interview with Dorin Shani

See what our very own Dorin Shani has to say about CRCC and today's kids! Read this great interview! ...

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The Importance of Closing the STEM Gap in Rural Schools | Guest Bloggers

See how to close the STEM gap in rural schools with these great tools ...

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Even more amazing EV3 Projects to do with your students!

Enjoy 3 spectacular EV3 projects you can do with your kids or with your students! ...

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STEM Education for Girls: Innovative Programs from Across the Globe | Guest Bloggers

See some great, innovative programs from all around the globe to engage girls in STEM! ...

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