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12 Apr

A working definition of 21st century skills that every parent should know

As early as  the 1980s, educators, employers, governments and non-profit organizations around the world began highlighting an emerging set of skills that kids needed in order to adapt to the demands of the new millennium. Collectively, they’re referred to as ‘21st century skills’. Now tha...

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26 Jan

A new approach to STEM learning begins at home

Technology is changing our world at an exponential pace. This has huge implications, not just for what kids are learning today – but also for how and where. The ability to think critically, create, and communicate through code-based interfaces is only going to grow in importance, making basic codi...

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2 Dec

What’s New in New Hampshire? Grants for Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire! Get Help Here!

Check out our FREE GRANT APPLICATION TEMPLATE for the Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire Grant opportunity! Welcome to New Hampshire, a state full of opportunity! The newest opportunity: Funding for Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is leading the charge for...

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2 Dec

CSEd Week! Free Lesson plans?! CoderZ and the Dottie Rose Foundation are Making it Awesome!

Computer Science Education Week 2021 Computer Science Education Week (of CSEd Week if you're cool) is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field! Here at Cod...

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22 Oct

How to Start Coding for FREE? Check these Four EASY STEPS

CODING CODING CODING! It’s all the rage and it’s great for kids! But how do you start coding? Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a L33t code monkey to turn your kids into white hat hackers! Read on to peep four ways to get your kids started with coding no matter what semester it is! S...

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13 Sep

FREE STEM Resources with Chris Woods

This article is based on the CoderZ podcast, EdTech MixTape and has been edited for clarity STEM can seem like such a big challenge for teachers and school leaders alike. We all want students engaged in meaningful, hands-on learning. But where do we begin? Start with Daily STEM. We sat dow...

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8 Sep

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime: Opening New Doors with CoderZ Adventure!

Equitable STEM and computer science opportunities are something that elementary educators have struggled to implement, myself included.  We are so focused on our core content areas like math and language arts, that finding the time and energy to implement a computer science progr...

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30 Aug

Computer Science in Iowa: 6 Easy Steps to Score up to $50,000 for Your District! *FREE GRANT APPLICATION TEMPLATE*

Check out our FREE GRANT APPLICATION TEMPLATE for the Iowa Computer Science and PD Grant opportunity! Welcome to Iowa, the land of corn and opportunity! The newest opportunity: Funding for computer science in Iowa. Starting in 2021 high schools, middle schools, AND elementary schools must all of...

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26 Aug

Dr. Sharon Jones: Computer Science Advocate and Out-STEM-ing Educator

Please enjoy our August Out-STEM-ing Teacher Feature, Dr. Sharon Jones of the Dottie Rose Foundation, and much more! Read our previous feature here! Imagine you had the chance to build the perfect advocate for computer science education. You’d start with a base of dedication sifted with a pinch...

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25 Aug

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge: How to Change Your Classroom and Future

#StepIntoSTEM CoderZ is working hard to accelerate students’ learning of STEM and computer science at an early age. Our new #stepintostem program challenges educators and students alike to use the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge to engage in STEM learning at a young age. We want to encourage ou...

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