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Robotics and Coding: Improving Students STEM Learning Experience

For many students, attending school is a drag. They sit through the same classes every day with no real change in their schedule. It can also be hard ...

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The Spirit of the Robotics Competitions: Strengthening Skills for the 21st Century

Robotics competitions are currently at the forefront of our ever-changing technological world. In the modern day, learning how to navigate the shift ...

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Gaming in Education: Using Virtual Robotics to Implement STEM Learning

You may have often heard younger students in school complaining about how difficult their math and science homework can be, but they seem to do just ...

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Robotics Applications in the Real World

For centuries now, robotics have played a significant role in society’s collective imagination. Science fiction authors like Karel Čapek and Isaac ...

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Why Robotics Is the Ideal After-School Activity for Your Students

The use of robotics has not only been essential for students in the classroom, but robotics proves to be an appropriate activity even after the ...

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New and more 21st century skills you didn’t know were that important!

Yes, again we are going to be talking about 21st-century skills. Although, this time we’d like to explore a different area of skills and abilities ...

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Meet Ido Yerushalmi: An interview about education with our CEO

 For a few years, we’ve been sharing with you a number of perspectives on education. Many are the thought leaders who thoughtfully shared their ...

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The Way of the Future: STEAM-Based Learning & Renewable Energy Projects

Evolution is everything in education. As our world continues to change, particularly the use of technology, so too should the way we teach students ...

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How an inclusive, hands-on learning education helped build Amazon and Google

What have in common the founders of Amazon and Google? Why are people with these kinds of abilities and skills leading the way our world works ...

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Robotics in Education: 3 cool ways to incorporate robotics into your curricula

Fact: Robotics is an amazing way to teach our students a number of disciplines. Through learning of robotics, and through participation in different ...

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