Why kids should learn code as a second language?

Computer science is the new language of the world, and it’s also one of the fastest growing occupations. Almost everything in our daily lives relies on software, hardware and even software development. Other than coding and logic thinking being necessary skills, they’ll also give your child a chance to both be well paid in the future and also to do some of the more interesting and challenging jobs likely to be around. They’ll be able to create something from scratch, and that motivation is priceless.

coding as a second language

Coding is the language of the future

Kids also need to learn how to code because computers and connected devices are what will shape their world as they grow up, just as Physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology shape our world right now.

Various studies show that in about twenty years, an inability to code will be just as crippling as illiteracy and innumeracy are today. Scary but the truth.

Kids learn better and faster when they’re young

Teaching kids to code when they are still young is important because kids’ minds are flexible and open.

For kids learning code is like learning a foreign language, far easier when you are young. That is one reason why CoderZ is committed to helping schools, robotics clubs and many other educational frames with their STEM teaching. Given the sheer pace of innovation, it makes sense to take advantage of the natural inclination that children have to learn faster and better when they are young and receptive. It’s all about dynamic education: respecting the personal process of each student.

Teaching kids to code unleashes their creativity

Another benefit of teaching kids how to code is that it builds their confidence and creativity. Teaching children computer programming open limitless possibilities for them to build solutions in their own way.

Teaching software coding to kids is very empowering. Just like art and craft is a way to express creativity, coding can be a highly engaging, fun and empowering skill for kids today.

The CoderZ online learning environment, used by schools worldwide, helps teach kids how to code in a fun, engaging and constructive way. By giving middle and high school students the opportunity to be creative, they can change program functioning or the application by being able to write the code from zero and the rewrite it as many times as they want.

learning to code as a second language

Programming skills help improve problem solving skills

Learning coding techniques helps children to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving processes that are not only important in computer science, but in every single aspect of life. Just to mention an example, it teaches to break big challenges into smaller and more manageable tasks.

You get to think of the smaller steps you need to take in order to get you closer to your goals, which gives you more drive and focus. Other than just relying on perception, they are able to make logical connections which will help them learn how to properly analyze different situations in the present and in the future.


The moment is now. When children are young, they are able to pick up new skills quicker. Whether it’s learning to speak a new language, learning to play an instrument or picking up other crucial life skills, it’s often easier for kids to learn to code at a young age.

Many new coding websites and coding apps for kids are also available to teach kids about programming featuring a strong problem-solving curriculum. We, in addition to that, can help provide STEM activities for middle schools and high schools.

There is even an online movement that parents and teachers can check out (it is called www.hourtocode.com) that is encouraging children to start coding. This is a good place to start if a child has already shown some interest in coding.

There are also a number of iPad apps that teach children to code. Google has a “Nano Degree” program where learners can take a number of courses in a particular IT related field and receive a certificate for the course.

A programming IT professor at MIT says that one of the major benefits of teaching children to code is that they’re not just learning to code, but also coding to learn. It is a continuous learning process that keeps children engaged while they learn and develop their skills.

So let’s get the kids coding.

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