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NASA Engineering Design in Your Classroom!
Thu, Jul 29, 2021
NASA educator Gerald Voltz and Louis Jimenez of Toledo Public Schools discuss their robotics capstone partnership and the impact this technical education program has had on a decade of students.

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webinar Educator tools & PD, K-12 coding and STEM
CoderZ League 2022 Kickoff Webinar
Mon, Sep 19, 2022
This webinar is perfect for curriculum and instructional leaders, STEAM teachers and clubs, and administrators looking for web-based resources to enhance robotics and coding knowledge, build lasting excitement for STEAM, and offer flexible learning opportunities.
webinar K-12 coding and STEM, Virtual Robotics
Sneak Peek of CoderZ League 2022
Thu, Aug 25, 2022
CoderZ League is a fun way to apply STEM learning for all kids, at all levels — where everyone plays to their strengths as part of a team. This webinar is your once-in-a-season opportunity to get to know CoderZ’s virtual robotics and coding tournament that has already attracted hundreds of thousands
webinar Educator tools & PD, Creative thinking & learning skills
Solar Cooking As Curriculum
Thu, Sep 30, 2021
Taught within the context of life experiences, academic lessons give students depth of understanding: personally, cognitively, and socially. The Solar Education Project offers a wonderful FREE project that achieves this kind of impact — the solar oven.
webinar Girls in STEM
Computer Science is Fundamental to Gender Equity
Wed, Sep 1, 2021
Computer Science is fundamental to the future of STEM. But is everyone invited? Dr. Sharon Jones shares life lessons and experiences from her work empowering girls to code and ways to close the gender gap in Computer Science.