8 amazing educational STEM gifts for your children

The holiday season is about to arrive. Some are already preparing their homes for Christmas while others are already getting their Menorah’s ready for Hannukah. But we all know one thing, besides the obvious “getting together” aspect of the holiday season, it is very hard to avoid the presents part.

We would like to give you a hand and to let you know that with the right present, your kids will be able to learn new and amazing things while enjoying themselves and still smiling. Learning the skills that the 21st century requires from our kids doesn’t have to be boring anymore, so here we bring you some exciting presents that your STEM-loving kids will adore.

The main idea is to give your kids something that they’ll enjoy but that at the same time they will use in order to learn something new. Maybe with the aid of the gift they can learn how to code, they could figure out which are the best programming languages to start with, or maybe they will discover how much they’d like to build and program virtual and real robots. Options are limitless – open your eyes to a new generation of Christmas gifts.

Here we go!

Dash and Dot - CoderZ Blog

Dash and Dot: Your kid’s first real robot

The guys from Wonder Workshop know what they’re doing. Their robots Dash & Dot have been a huge success worldwide.

The main goal of this little, cute and talented robot is to teach your kids how to code while playing. It comes with a free app that can be used on a tablet or a smartphone.

Your kids will be able to assign a lot of different tasks for Dash and Dot to do; from singing, dancing and even running around the house.

Let your kids experience coding and see the results in a blink if an eye.

Maker Shed Logo

Maker Shed: Everything you need to turn your STEM project into a reality

Maker Shed is a great online store for those who love tech gadgets, toys and resources. Every material you might need is here and can be delivered directly to you. They work under the mindset that every project is doable.

So we invite you to think of your next STEM project, make a list of the things you might need, and with your child on board, go to Maker Shed’s site and get all the materials you need to be able to say: Challenge accomplished!

We have to mention that they have a special section in their online store for STEM toys and games. Totally worth a visit!

CoderZ by Intelitek

CoderZ’s online learning environment

Of course, we cannot miss this opportunity to talk a tiny bit about ourselves. Other STEM gifts options will keep appearing, don’t worry! CoderZ is an online learning environment developed by Intelitek where studentsworldwide, learn how to program virtual and real robots within the STEM pathways. Request a CoderZ quote today.

This is an amazing opportunity to get your kids to experiment with robotics in an affordable, accessible and fun way. For more information about CoderZ, you can visit CoderZ’s Facebook profile and CoderZ’s Twitter account.

3D Doodler: Drawing in the air

This is absolutely amazing! These guys developed a pen that creates 3D doodles. Yes! You can draw a 3D house, or a 3D tree or whatever you’d like to create.

In a way its like having a hand-held 3D printer. By getting your kids this terrific present, you’ll be allowing them to take their creativity to a whole new level, in which they will be challenged to think creatively and differently.

There’s no more pen and paper. With the 3D Doodler, their drawings can actually use space. The sky’s the limit! Imagine your kids drawing actual dresses, cars and little toys that they can later play with.

Of course, they also have an educational bundle available. Check it out on their website.

CoderZ on Computer Screen

Let your kids join a robotics club

Actually, the best thing you can give as a present to your kids is not an object but an experience. That’s why, every single suggestion that we’ve add to this list presents a full STEM experience for your kids.

Have you thought about having your kids join a robotics club? Maybe encouraging them to take part in an FLL team? We strongly recommend you to check the requirements and guidelines to start a FIRST Lego League Team.

community CoderZ

STEM toy suggested by our community of STEM professionals

We asked our community of STEM professionals about their personal choices when it comes to picking a STEM gift for the holidays. Suggestions varied, but were still quite similar. We would like to share some of them with you.

  1. Cubelets: Robot Blocks
  2. Sphero SPRK+: Robot for education
  3. Gifts and toys for STEAM education: A collection of dailydeals(an Australian online store)

We would like to publically thank the members of our community who shared their insights about what’s the perfect STEM gift for Christmas. Thanks to Chad DeClase, Holly Kolman, Jennilyn Lynn, Judy Leddy, Dorin Shani, Jen Cousins Titus, and to Bingxie Zhang. It’s just great to have you as part of our Robotics and STEM For All community!

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