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CoderZ is an online learning environment where students worldwide learn STEM by coding virtual 3D robots.

What is CoderZ?

CoderZ, developed by Intelitek, is an online learning environment where students worldwide learn STEM by coding virtual 3D robots.

CoderZ Uses

Engage Students in Computer Science Education (CSEd)
Provide Exciting STEM Electives
Introduce Robotics and Coding
Integrate Computing in Career & Technical Education (CTE)

CoderZ Standards

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice
Career Readiness Standard
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
K-12 Computer Science Standards (CSTA – Computer Science Teachers Association) at Level 3 in Computing Practice & Programming Aligned

CoderZ Curriculums

Coding Robots (in Spanish and English) for M.S.
Introduction to Java
Teacher Training Programs
Ask us about our STEM and Robotics pathways

CoderZ Features


Kid in front of ComputerBecause CoderZ is cloud-based it is accessible from anywhere there is internet. Students can access CoderZ from school, home or anywhere else they may be which easily allows for flipped classes or homework assignments.

Teacher Support

CoderZ Teacher Talking with StudentCoderZ includes a cloud-based learning management solution for our teachers with unlimited classes, easy student enrollment, student and class statistics, and an outstanding knowledge center. Teachers will also have access to useful content like courses, tutorials, challenges, new mission ideas and solutions as well as webinars and our professional development workshops.

Real-time Feedback

Real Time FeedbackThe simulation offers a Heads Up Display (HUD) that shows students data from their robot’s various sensors. There is also an option to leave a trail. This information helps students to examine and improve their work.


CoderZ ConfiguratorThe CoderZ virtual robot can be configured to match a physical robot which enables your students to build and test programs before compiling and downloading them to an actual robot. CoderZ supports multiple real robots such as the SnapDragon platform used in the FIRST Tech Challenge and the LEGO Mindstorm EV3.

Visual Editor

CoderZ Visual Code EditorThe visual programming interface allows students to see the Java code behind the blocks, that way, beginners can start learning programming syntax. More experienced students can program directly in Java. That makes CoderZ appropriate for students of various levels: from middle school through high school.

Realistic Simulations

Simulation Scene CoderZ BrickbotCoderZ features various integrated 3D simulations. Within the beautifully rendered simulation scenes students can test their code and solve problems from the real world.

Why CoderZ?


Using CoderZ, students engage with fun real world challenges and receive immediate feedback. CoderZ encourages students to progress at their own pace by creating reachable goals. With CoderZ students learn STEM and have fun at the same time.


In CoderZ’s stunning online simulator every student worldwide can code his or her own virtual robot. Anywhere. Anytime. All that is needed is an internet connection. Additionally, teachers with any level of experience can teach with CoderZ.


To succeed in the 21st century our students will need knowledge of multiple STEM fields and strong problem-solving skills. CoderZ integrates many STEM disciplines into one project-based learning environment preparing students for tomorrow’s world.

Why Robotics Programming

Programming robots is a fun and engaging way to acquire 21st century skills. CoderZ students learn more than just the basics of coding and robotics programming, they improve their logic, mathematical and computational thinking, develop their problem-solving skills and strengthen their creativity.

And with CoderZ, Robotics STEM education is now easier to implement and more accessible than ever before!

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