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CoderZ is an online learning environment that brings the excitement of learning STEM and coding to all your students with Cyber Robotics

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What is CoderZ?

CoderZ, developed by Intelitek, is an online learning environment where students worldwide learn STEM by coding virtual 3D robots.

CoderZ Uses

Enhance STEM programs with an inclusive approach
Engage Students in Computer Science Education (CSEd)
Provide Exciting STEM Electives
Introduce Robotics and Coding
Integrate Computing in Career & Technical Education (CTE)

CoderZ Standards

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice
Career Readiness Standard
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
K-12 Computer Science Standards (CSTA – Computer Science Teachers Association) at Level 3 in Computing Practice & Programming Aligned

CoderZ Curriculums

Cyber Robotics 101 – the core concepts of code development and robotics
Coding Robots (in Spanish and English) for M.S.
Teacher Training Programs
Ask us about our STEM and Robotics pathways

CoderZ Features

Engaging Gamified Simulations

CoderZ features integrated 3D simulations of educational robots within realistically rendered simulation scenes. Students can write, test and evaluate their code while solving problems from the real world.


Kid in front of ComputerEducation friendly easy to deploy online environment. CoderZ is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere there is internet. Students can access CoderZ from school, home or anywhere else they may be which easily allows for flipped classes or homework assignments.

Visual Editor / Text Editor

CoderZ Visual Code EditorThe visual programming interface removes the intimidation factor and lets students start with blockly and advance to the Java code behind the blocks. CoderZ is suited to students of all levels: from middle school through high school.

Teacher Support

The Students use blockly to codeUsing self paced curriculum, detailed teacher guides and a wealth of tools to help teachers introduce STEM concepts to their classroom, CoderZ resolves one of the biggest challenges for educators by providing enhanced visibility and reporting of student progress.

Real-time Feedback

kids learn computer science with CoderZThe live simulation provides students immediate results of their work and helps students to examine and improve their work. Using the Heads Up Display (HUD), manual control, tracking trail and visuals, students can identify quickly evaluate results of programming.

Measurable Outcomes

Online environment enables visibility and teacher engagement with student progress. Heat maps showing bottlenecks, access to student code and more introduce a new level of teacher effectiveness.

The Challenge

Robotics is a great way to learn STEM. It’s interdisciplinary and fun!

So why aren’t all students learning with robots? We’ve been building educational robotics programs for over 30 years and realized that robotic programs are often expensive and require instructors with specialized knowledge. As a result, 99% of students never get their hands on a robot.

A robotics program that you can implement for all your students needs to be:


The Solution

CoderZ enables all students to learn STEM with robotics. With CoderZ your students will learn how to code virtual robots accompanied by a step-by-step curriculum and gamified missions completely online. No need for expensive hardware or specialized training.

Thousands of students and teachers are already using CoderZ in the classroom and in online competitions.

CoderZ solves all of the challenges to starting and scaling a robotics program:

Schoolwide access for the price of starting a club
Add classes, teachers, and students seamlessly online
Everything is online, no special equipment needed

Engaging Students through Competition

Launched in 2017 and having already reached tens of thousands of students, the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition is a groundbreaking online robotics tournament that engages students in coding. Using CRCC to engage students, Schools can compete to showcase their STEM, coding and tech literacy achievements. Using CoderZ as the platform for the competition, no previous experience is necessary, everyone can participate.

Mission based challenges of progressive difficulty guide students through more demanding coding tasks
Competitive environment captures students attention easily
Accessible and level playing field for students of all levels promoting high levels of participation of boys and girls
Students compete within their class, grade, school, district and state to win stages and progress to the finals

Why CoderZ?


Using CoderZ, students engage with fun real world challenges and receive immediate feedback. CoderZ encourages students to progress at their own pace by creating reachable goals. With CoderZ students learn STEM and have fun at the same time.


In CoderZ’s stunning online simulator every student worldwide can code his or her own virtual robot. Anywhere. Anytime. All that is needed is an internet connection. Additionally, teachers with any level of experience can teach with CoderZ.


To succeed in the 21st century our students will need knowledge of multiple STEM fields and strong problem-solving skills. CoderZ integrates many STEM disciplines into one project-based learning environment preparing students for tomorrow’s world.

Why Robotics Programming

Programming robots is a fun and engaging way to acquire 21st century skills. CoderZ students learn more than just the basics of coding and robotics programming, they improve their logic, mathematical and computational thinking, develop their problem-solving skills and strengthen their creativity.

And with CoderZ, Robotics STEM education is now easier to implement and more accessible than ever before!

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