Amazing TED Talks about Robots and Coding

There’s no doubt, TED Talks always bring us inspiration, knowledge and new ideas to talk and think about. Robotics, education, coding and STEM are not the exception. There are some amazing perspectives about these subjects out there and we didn’t want to miss the chance of showing you some of these great speeches.

Who knows? Maybe after listening to Mark McCombs you’ll want to build your own robot. Maybe after listening to Linda Liukas your point of view on coding and education will flip (did you see the last article we wrote about her and some other talented professionals? Check it out!). Even more, maybe after listening to Andrew McAfee you’ll start researching some new and interesting fields to work and succeed within them.

Watch these awesome speeches and let us know which one inspired you the most in the comments below.

Mark McCombs: Every kid should build a robot

You should definitely watch this TED Talk in which Mark McCombs talks about why every kid should build a robot. His explanations and his charismatic speech will convince you (and your kids) to start, at least, learning how to program a robot.

Susan Schneider: Can a robot feel?

We, humans, have been wondering this since Rosie appeared for the first time in The Jetsons: Can a robot feel? Susan Schneider answer this question in a very surprising and creative way in this TED Talks she gives. Don’t miss it out and click on play.

Hadi Partovi: Computer science is for everyone

We’ve mentioned Hadi a few times before in this Blog. It’s just that we truly admire his work. We admire him so much, that we even added him to the 6 people that inspire us to keep building CoderZ. In this TED Talk, Hadi Partovi explains why computer science is for everyone and what he has been doing to make this a concrete reality. Once again, bravo Hadi!

Linda Liukas: The poetry of programming

She’s nice, smart, charismatic and also one of the 6 people inspiring us to make CoderZ bigger and better. Programming for her is an art and this TED Talk is priceless. Go, watch it and even if she doesn’t speak about Neruda’s poems but about the poetry of programming, we guarantee you’ll smile more than once.

Rafaello D’Andrea: Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future

An amazing TED Talk about the dazzling flying machines of the future. This amazing technology is very well explained by Rafaello D’Andrea in this lecture. Watch this and you’ll be inspired, surprised and amazed. At least, that’s what happened to us.

Marco Tempest: An outstanding robot demo

A talented speaker and a very cute robot got into the TED stage. No, it is not a joke. This is what happens in this amazing TED Talk, given by Marco Tempest. While he exposes, he interacts with this great robot he builded and we ensure you, you’ll want to share this in your personal social media channels.

Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs?

Don’t worry. You won’t have to share your desk with Bender from Futurama (but you can check if Bender fits your personality in this quiz game CoderZ created). Andrew McAfee gives an amazing TED Talk answering to the -now famous- question: Are droids taking our jobs?. You might have your theories, but listening to his lecture is absolutely worth it.

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