6 people in education and robotics who keep inspiring us

Just like every project, brand, product or service, we are in a constant search for inspiration. Many things inspire us to reach our goals and to build new strategies in order to get to a certain position in the worlds of education, STEM and robotics. Events, stories, books, people and many other items give us those long and inspiring moments of creativity that make CoderZ more relevant and useful every day.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a group of people that encourages us to believe that we are walking through the right path. We would like to thank them and to let them know, somehow, that even without knowing about it, they are helping us plant a transcendental seed for the present and future of STEM, education and robotics.

Please, join us in a big applause to these stars.

Seymour Papert

Seymour Papert in his youth

While we were writing about Seymour Papert not so long ago, we totally fell in love with his outstanding mindset. This educator led many technology projects having always one big fat goal: Giving kids spaces, softwares and classes in which they will run into problems and be provided with the necessary abilities to overcome those challenges. Without even knowing it, Papert changed the way we learn and teach today and, because of that and many other reasons, we deeply admire him. (You can read more about him here)

“The goal is to teach in such a way as to produce the most learning from the least teaching”

Seymour Papert

Idit Harel

Idit Harel headshotShe is a pioneer in using new-media technology for cultivating creative learning, innovation, and globalization through constructionist learning theory, and also, a former student of Papert. This Israeli-American holds a PhD in Epistemology and Learning Research. She is an active member of the advisory board in the MIT Media Lab and in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, within others. Her strength and her profound knowledge enlightens our efforts to make CoderZ the next big thing.

“The common language of the future, of the change-makers and of the leaders is coding. Its underneath everything”

Idit Harel

Linda Liukas

This young Finnish woman is the author of the most highly funded children’s book ever. She’s also a computer programmer who works closely with the amazing learning tool, Codecademy. She’s passionate, smart and you can see the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about the field she loves. Don’t miss her TED Talk, it is absolutely worth it.

Dorin Shani

Dorin Shani playing with a robot

We feel honoured to have such a smart and passionate individual as a part of the CoderZ team. Dorin is a mechanical engineer who leads various teams in robotics competitions worldwide. She loves Star Wars and playing with Legos. Constantly, she organizes hackatons and she volunteers in a number of important robotics organizations. We feel inspired by her knowledge and passion and we give her a huge applause every time we see the new thing she learned in her aerial acrobatic class.

“I believe that in any subject, if I can dream it, then I can make it”

Dorin Shani

Hadi Partovi

Hadi Partovi

Hadi Partovi is the CEO of the educational non-profit Code.org, which he launched in 2013 together with his twin brother. He is also a computer science graduate of Harvard University. As an entrepreneur, Hadi was on the founding teams of Tellme Networks, which Microsoft later on acquired. His passion for education and the amazing change Code.org is doing in the United States gives us hope, light and inspiration. Hadi can be, and he is in our eyes, considered as a modern hero.

Maria Montessori

Maria MontessoriMaybe its because part of our team members went through this type of education during their time in basic education, but in any case, the story of Maria Montessori is truly inspiring. She was born in Italy in 1870. By promoting self discipline and by encouraging each student to pursue his own interest and reaching his maximum potential, Maria Montessori established an inclusive educational system where participation and activity takes action in a system in which the teacher turns into a guide, giving the students all the space they need to learn what they love at their own pace. Today, Montessori schools can be found everywhere in the world and success rate of their alumni is pretty high in compare to traditional education methods.

” The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist‘ ”

Maria Montessori


We are sure you have people who inspire you and we’ll be happy to hear about them. Leave a comment below and let us know who they are.

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