Using movie robots in your code and robotics class

It usually takes more than just “it’ll be on the test” to motivate students to learn. Creating intrinsic motivation is crucial even for attractive subjects like coding and robotics. Showing students how amazing and useful it can be to to program a robot and bring it to life can go a long way. These fantastic speeches by Hadi Partovi and Linda Liukas about programming languages for kids through STEM activities, are truly inspirational but might not have the impact we expect they would have on our kids.

So, we decided to bring in some help, we’ve brought in some of the biggest names in film industry. You probably know them all, and so do your students. Tell us which ones are your favorites, and which ones convinced more kiddos to join the robotics path in the comments below.

1. BB8, R2D2 and C3PO

Why not start with the classic of the classics. These robots are part of the saga that shortened the distance between humans and robots, between the past and the future, between technology and emotion and, why not, between the dark side and the side of the light. For one of the first times in history we saw a kid (who later became the biggest Jedi ever) putting a robot together or fixing the small and round body of another. This is exactly why this can be a very engaging movie for kids wanting to learn more about how come humans can code and make robots.

2. Wall-E

It is unbelievable how much this movie can bring to your students. They can understand the main purpose of why robots were primarily made: To help humans. With an engaging, cute and very dedicated to his job character, Wall-E might generate in your students the desire of creating something that actually helps. Teaching robotics in schools has turned into something that has to provide tools that go beyond the actual concrete material, adding problem solving within the STEM pathways. If we want our students to be the creators of the next Wall-E, CoderZ might be an awesome way to get them started.

3. Baymax (Big Hero 6)

Don Hall, the director of Big Hero 6 said Baymax views the world from one perspective — he just wants to help people, he sees Hiro as his patient. Once again, and just like Wall-E, this character can allow your students to understand how creating a robot might help humanity to solve a specific need from a very specific perspective. Baymax can be seen as a robot with millions of integrated algorithms around robot and human interaction. In classes, it could be integrated with lessons about sensors and cameras in robotics. Even IBM built their own version of the Baymax, you can check it out here.

4. Doctor Emmett Brown

Well, Dr. Brown isn’t a robot. You’re right. But we’re not going to lie, he is our dearest. His genius mind and outstanding skills in math, physics and innovation are truly inspirational. Students can learn tons out from his approach to technology: From how to use natural and unexpected resources and to what’s the right process to take an idea into an actionable and concrete thing.

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