Girls Can’t Code and Other Modern Myths

Have you also heard that girls can’t code? You also advocate to end the gender gap both in coding and in STEM education? We strongly believe in inclusivity, and that is why we are doing everything we can both in CoderZ and during the CRCC competitions to let the world know that anyone can learn how to code and become a robotics programmer.

Inclusiveness in education can guarantee a better future for the students who experience it, and for the people who’ll enjoy their creations and their influence in tomorrow’s world. Therefore, in this opportunity, we’d like to destroy one big fat myth that has been bothering us for a long time. If you think that “Girls can’t code”, we are about to show you how wrong you are… are you ready?

Girls can code… and they are amazing at it! 

When we analyze the workforce things seem to appear very clear: Recent studies show that only 20% of STEM jobs are filled by women, but we have some good news: We are committed to change this. As the online educational environment, we are, we hope for all students to gain 21st-century skills through the usage of CoderZ, regardless of their gender.

If you have a daughter or a niece, we invite you to also encourage her to become the next superstar within the fields of programming, tech, STEM and/or robotics. It is up to you to give the right tools to your students, in order to empower them.

But, you know what? It is not only Reshma Saujani or Linda Liukas the ones changing the picture. There are girls all over the globe showing us how wrong we were when we allowed ourselves to think that they couldn’t code as good as men. Want to hear a few interesting facts?

Code written by women is better! 

Researchers from the North Carolina University analyzed over 1.5 million users from GitHub, a code sharing website, and saw that code changes made by women were better and more accepted than the code changes made by men.

According to this research’s stats, women are better programmers than men, but since the industry is still missing inclusiveness and equality, we are doing special initiatives like the CRCC competitions, to show girls from all over the world that they deserve to have more active participation in this kind of industries!

Empathy and adaptability: The keys to success!

Analyzing a number of recent psychological and sociological studies, women tend to be more empathetic and adapt better to changes and new scenarios, when comparing them to men.

For coding, having these as inherent abilities is just amazing! The skill to feel empathy for others can make women be better leaders in teams or robotics competitions, allowing them to better understand what others are going through, and how to give tasks and goals for every team member in particular.

On the other hand, adaptability is great when looking for issues, when solving problems, or when analyzing a specific line of code, or a certain part of the curriculum received either in the classroom or in a robotics competition.

All girls can learn how to code their very own virtual robot

We want to make a difference. We are committed to change the current stats by giving boys and girls the same required tools to develop their coding skills and to strengthen their 21st-century skills.

Numerous women have founded very successful tech-startups and are showing the world how amazing their ideas are, and how breathtaking the execution can be.

We are constantly inspired by numerous women who are creating a difference in the field of coding and eliminating that -unnecessary but real- gender gap. But the women who inspire us the most are the women of the future: Those thousands of girls who learn STEM and robotics through CoderZ, and those fantastic little girls who give everything they have in the cyber robotics coding competitions. When we see them, we see a brighter future. A future that is nicer, more inclusive, and with no gender barriers.

Start today: Give your students the chance to become a better version of themselves

It is not only about receiving the right knowledge to program a virtual version of the EV3. It is not only about winning your regional finals in the upcoming CRCC. This is about values: You now have the opportunity to implement a gamified STEM solution in your classroom that will be appealing and relevant for everyone: Boys and girls. This will teach your students, in-situ, how important inclusiveness and integration are, it will teach them that prejudices don’t work and that anyone can learn in the right conditions.

Register today for a free-trial of CoderZ and start showing your students that anyone can learn how to code and that having a brighter and more equal tomorrow depends also on them.