4 Inspiring Women: The power of these Girls in STEM

This shouldn’t even be a subject of discussion, but sadly it is. We should not be making any differences between men and women that made STEM their way to look and interact with the world; actually, we should be speaking about people and not about boys or girls.

Since not everybody thinks this way, we would like to give the stage to 4 out of several million women who are constantly inspiring others to become better beings.

When we talk about girls in STEM, girls in Tech, or even about girls who code we feel that we are bridging a gap, we are creating consciousness of how important it is to create STEM solutions that are intended from the a very early stage, to be for all students, regardless of gender.

In this opportunity, we’d like to introduce you to 4 phenomenal people who are contributing to make the world more equal, making sure everybody gets involved with STEM, coding, robotics, and tech: Both boys and girls.

Let us show you 4 women in STEM who are inspiring others

1. Cassidy Williams: From LEGO to coding

Listen to Cassidy’s story. With this great TEDx Talk about her great interaction both with the tech and with the STEM fields, Cassidy will inspire many. From being the only girl playing with LEGO at kindergarten, she became an outstanding self-taught website programmer.

2. Caroline Cline: Changing our societal expectations

In this great lecture, Caroline enables us to ask ourselves many different things about how much space do we give for girls in STEM. With one bright question she begins, and that question is: “How many young girls with brilliant scientific minds have we lost to societal expectations?”

3. Reshma Saujani: Girls who Code

It is always inspiring to hear the founder of the “Girls who code” movement. In this lecture, she inspires us through the path she had to walk through and she enlightens us with the different ways in which she is inspiring thousands of girls around the world.

4. Heidi Olinger: Using math in coding

She thought she was never going to like, or even use math. That is, until she discovered STEM and programming. Listen to Heidi’s tips on how to get girls to like STEM, STEAM and Tech fields.

CoderZ: Inclusiveness, equality and fun gamified learning for all students!

We aren’t the exception. When developing CoderZ we had always in mind the important need of making our online learning environment accessible and engaging for all students: girls, boys, poor, rich, coding experts, and even musicians and painters.

Actually, when writing the guidelines of the first CRCC we hosted, inclusiveness was the most important concept. It guided us throughout the entire process and it’s still doing so.

We invite you to watch some of the STEMtacular girls who participated in the latest Cyber Robotics Coding Competition.

If you’d like to try CoderZ, here we give a 5-day free trial that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. May the code be with you!