4 organizations that advocate for more women in STEM and coding

Today we want to stand up and give a big round of applause. Today, we want to honor a few organizations that are making a real change in the way women all around the globe are getting involved with STEM, coding and tech fields.

We can pretend nothing is going on and not make a issue out of this, but we know the world isn’t as equal as we would like it to be, and this failure extends into the field of education. Therefore, we feel the need to congratulate those organizations that are actually doing something to make STEM education better, more accessible, and more equal for all.

A long time ago, a few visionary heroes saw the existing gap, and decided to make eliminating that gap their life’s work by opening spaces where coding, STEM, tech and girls will meet, succeed and make an impact.

Meet 4 organizations that are advocating for more women in coding, tech and STEM.

1. Girls Who Code

Founded by Reshma Saujani in 2012, Girls Who Code is an NPO that works hard to support and increase the number of women in computer science. As they say themselves they want to close the gender gap in technology, and to change the image of how a programmer should look like.

They currently have 90,000 members and have partnered-up with giants like IBM, Microsoft, Adobe and at&t, just to mention a few. The work they’re doing is so good and useful that they currently have tens of locations, all over the world.

Just like for CoderZ, project-based learning is one of the most important things for this praiseworthy organization. May the code be with them, and with of all of their members!


2. Women Who Code 

With more than 100,000 worldwide members, Women Who Code is a nonprofit organization that wants to inspire women to excel in a number of technological careers.

They offer their members coding resources, leadership opportunities, a global supporting community and spectacular scholarships. Not only that, WWC offers a series of events, and a wide category of job offers for their members.

We truly recommend visiting their inspiring Blog, where they never stop encouraging women to keep on coding.


Girls Programming in CoderZ Together



As part of this same initiative, both CoderZ and Intelitek joined the ISCEF goal of making STEM accessible for all students. The Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions, hosted in many different locations of the planet, have shown a remarkable increase in the number of girls who participate and succeed in them.

Making robotics, coding, STEM and STEAM education something that anybody can learn is the main goal, and the ISCEF Foundation is applying this mission in every taken step. Hundreds of girls and boys are joining the competitions, participating in the bootcamps, and winning the first places in the finals.

We invite you to take a look at these videos, where various girls explain the positive impact CoderZ and CRCC has had in their lives.


4. she codes; 

Founded in 2013 by Ruth Polachek, she codes; is a community of women in technology, created to achieve an equal number of female and male software developers.

Their members are either women who want to have a career shift into high-tech through the learning of software development, or current developers that want to improve their skills and have a bigger network.

Currently, she codes; has 30 branches in Israel and are looking to expand internationally. The main values they transmit to their members are perseverance, community, and the importance of believing in ourselves.

If you are a teacher and want to encourage your students to get more involved with the tech fields, such as STEM, coding and robotics, give CoderZ a try. We are giving you a 5-day free trial to our gamified online learning environment. Let yourself be surprised with the amazing results you could have.

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