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Our courses are developed by world-class STEM educators, combining best practices for educational outcomes and serious engagement. Social-emotional learning, science and engineering practices, critical life skills - CoderZ brings them all to the table in one easy and appealing interface.

Elementary School
Middle School
30-50 hours
3 languages
CoderZ CodeFarm – Breaking Ground
5th grade
  • Foundational principles of robotics and automation
  • Coding with loops and conditionals
  • Problem-solving and debugging
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Digital Literacy and ethics
30-50 hours
2 languages
CoderZ CodeFarm – Growing Season
6th grade
  • Navigational sensors such as gyroscopes
  • Project planning and documentation
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Impacts of emerging technologies
  • Data management and representation
30+ hours
3 languages
CoderZ Adventure – New Worlds
4th grade
  • Robotics and automation
  • Coding with procedures and events
  • Data and Analysis
  • Critical thinking with debugging
30+ hours
3 languages
CoderZ Adventure – Trailblazers
3rd grade
  • Fundamentals of robot systems
  • Coding with loops and conditionals
  • Geometry and Data Analysis
  • Technology Impacts and Digital Literacy

A lightweight curriculum pack that enables students to quickly learn the basics of robotics including navigation, sensors, loops and more.

Grades 4th-12th
CoderZ League Novice logo

The Novice Division

Introduce beginner students to the fundamentals of STEM - with no previous experience in coding or robotics required!

CoderZ League Junior logo

The Junior Division

Help students hone their cyber robotics skills. By advancing through missions, they unlock new challenges in a quest to get their virtual robots to the finals!

CoderZ League Pro logo

The Pro Division

Invite advanced students to collaborate and think creatively while learning next-level programming concepts, physics principles, and more.

CoderZ gamified icon

Gamified Simulations

CoderZ features integrated 3D simulations of lifelike robots. Students apply principles of geometry and physics to solve virtual problems (missions), then plan, code, and debug programs to command their robots to move.

CoderZ smart evaluation icon

Smart Evaluation

The online learning environment is designed to let teachers differentiate their instruction by monitoring students’ work as they progress. Heat maps let you track trouble spots without standing over kids’ shoulders.

CoderZ cloud-based icon

Cloud-Based Platform

Learn coding anywhere, anytime. CoderZ's cloud-based platform and student-centered activities lets kids take their learning with them. At home, in the classroom, outside, the sky's the limit (as long as there’s Wi-Fi!)

CoderZ visual editor icon

Visual Editor + Text

Starting with a visual programming interface is less intimidating, so students begin with Blockly before advancing to text-based Java and Python code behind the blocks. Any student grade 4 and up can use CoderZ without prior experience in robotics coding.

CoderZ real-time icon

Real-Time Feedback

Live simulation provides immediate and specific feedback, guiding the learning and helping students become their own coach. Tools include: Heads Up Display (HUD), manual control, tracking trail, and visuals.

CoderZ self-paced icon

Self-Paced Learning

The low-floor, high-ceiling curriculum is designed to challenge students where they’re at—without comparing or competing. It provides accelerated kids with secret missions where they can soar, and scaffolded support for those who need more guidance.

Adam Newall, AP Computer Science/Robotics/Engineering
"CoderZ has allowed my students to learn and master robotics concepts that would never have been possible in the physical"
I use CoderZ in our Girls Who Code Club. They remain engaged, and they work together--great collaboration
Holly Distefano, Teacher
CoderZ has helped my female students be more confident and to engage in learning coding and math in a fun way.
Lydia Hernandez, Coordinator
This was the first time I had students engaged with CoderZ and they enjoyed it!
Leah Aiwohi, Teacher
I am always looking for opportunities to teach the fundamentals of computer science and robotics for all our students.
Javier Aguilar, Teacher Coach
It allowed me to really challenge and push my robotics students at their own pace to learn how to code.
Spencer Wright, Teacher
We used CoderZ to help us meet CTE Robotics I TEKS for our 8th grade Robotics I class.
Hunter McConnell, Coach
CoderZ is a fun way to introduce computer science, the drag-and-drop format makes it super easy for students to program
Ami Steelman, Director Teacher Coordinator
CoderZ offers a unique, creative, and challenging set of missions and assessments that hold the students attention.
Matt Bouchard, Teacher
CoderZ is a staple in my STEM classes. Students are excited and love that coding feels like playing a video game.
Tiffany Seymour, Teacher
My students had such a great experience collaborating and trying to solve the coding challenges to complete missions.
Veronica Pardo, Teacher
CoderZ is an amazing platform that helps students with zero experience become coders. My students came 1st in the USA.
Mike Binazeski, Teacher
My students love the coding activities. They had a great time while they learn how to code and work in a team.
Clarisa Rodriguez, Teacher
CoderZ gave my students an excellent CS competition. There's not enough of these types of things for middle school kids.
Ryan North, Career Exploration and Computer Science Teacher
My students became more confident in their coding. Students who insisted that they didn't like to code became "hooked".
Tryphena Cuffy, Teacher Coordinator at Richland School District Two, SC
Dory Moore, Science Teacher, Ashford School, CT
"It was easy as a teacher to know where my students were and where they are going, and to help them improve."
Jessica Klauzer-Zimmerman Bell Middle School
Jessica Klauzer-Zimmerman, Bell Middle School, CO
"The class loved it. We could focus on coding, its self-paced and all students found success."
Paola Valdivia Middle School Science Director
Paola Valdivia, Middle School Science Director of STEM Instruction
"Teaching computer science in any form can be daunting - but with CoderZ, we felt completely supported."
Frank Edelblut education commissioner
Frank Edelblut, New Hampshire’s education commissioner
"It’s exciting to see kids so engaged in learning skills that are going to be important for their future."
Meredith Nations Teacher at Causey Middle School
Meredith Nations, Teacher at Causey Middle School, AL
"This is our second year at CoderZ and we just love it!"

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