CoderZ™ Announces: New virtual EV3 robot

It has been an exciting season! Since we announced our full compatibility with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 and the many improvements and advances in CoderZ’s gamified learning environment, we’ve been working hard in order to find even more new things to offer the STEM educational community worldwide.

Cyber robotics: Every student can be the owner of a virtual robot

Because we deeply believe that cyber robotics are the ultimate way to guarantee equal opportunities in the field of robotics for education, and, also, because we are super passionate about STEM and the outstanding skills kids can acquire from the right curricula, we are indescribably happy to announce our own virtual EV3.

Virtual EV3 in CoderZ STEM learning environment

Offering an online platform that allows every student in the world to program their own cyber robot, while learning STEM and acquiring 21st century skills, makes us happy and proud. That’s why we want to introduce you to CoderZ’s newest innovation: A virtual EV3 robot for students to discover, program and use.

Guy Tordjman, one of CoderZ’s amazing developers and a LEGO lover himself, says: ”We’re very happy to be launching this virtual version of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3. It was challenging for the entire team to integrate this virtual EV3 robot into CoderZ’s online learning environment, but it feels amazing to be contributing to the worlds of robotics and education in such a significant way. The fact that now everyone can have their own EV3, makes me extremely proud to be part of this team”.

Virtual EV3 in CoderZ STEM learning environment - Explosives mission

We are fans of the amazing work LEGO Education is doing, worldwide, to improve education with innovation, technology, robotics and remarkable positive ideas that break the status quo. Therefore, being able to offer a cyber EV3 robot for all students to use and program, can only make us believe more and more in what we have been doing from day one: Creating more engaged students in classrooms that can provide them with the skills they’ll need in the very near future.

Arie Elbelman León Marketing CoderZ online learning environment LEGO EV3

Arie Elbelman, CoderZ’s Head of Social Marketing, says: “This is exciting! We are actually creating a meaningful impact in STEM education. The integration of a virtual EV3 into CoderZ is much more than just the amazing effort of our developers; it is a significant and highly relevant step; it is a revolution. The fact that every student, worldwide, can now have his or her own robot, and learn with it, warms my heart.

Start programming your own virtual LEGO®MINDSTORMS® EV3

We are sure that the integration of this virtual interactive EV3 into our gamified learning environment for STEM education is only the beginning, and we are extremely happy to be collaborating with the remarkable LEGO Education team, to provide more and more students with the possibility of programming a virtual and a real robot.

Eternal thanks to LEGO Education for allowing us to use their EV3 robot, we feel honored!

Virtual EV3 in CoderZ STEM learning environment

You can start learning STEM by programming your own virtual EV3 today. Register for a 5-day free trial of CoderZ. (Don’t forget that CoderZ is fully available in Spanish and English).

May the code be with you!