Teaching kids to code with Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi is a precious tool for kids that can be used as a great introduction to the world of programming and coding. Just from plugging Raspberry Pi into their computer, children can learn a lot about coding. Starting, this way, to walk through an exciting path of knowledge and challenges.

With this tool, they can install multiple programs and files, predict the weather, create video games, play video games and even take pictures and videos, just to mention a few things kids can do with Raspberry Pi. Also, they can learn the basics of coding and programming.

Children will be able to build a computer and have the thrill of using a computer they built and coded themselves. This is as exciting as programming a virtual robot within an online learning environment.

There are many projects available for Raspberry Pi, and in the CoderZ Blog we want to show you a few of them.

Learning Computer Science using Raspberry Pi

Here are five projects and tools to help you get the most (fun) out of your Raspberry Pi while teaching your kids to code:

  1. Build your computer

Raspberry Pi is so much more than just a toy. Although the processor is small, the Raspberry Pi computer can run programs like Word, Excel and even calculator apps – in some sort of way, almost all programs children use to complete homework.

Introducing them to hardware and programming, children will be then able to use a computer they built themselves, making them more confident with modern technology.

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  1. Store files on the could

An introduction to the complex world of file storage, the Raspberry Pi can make complex computing techniques simple while informing them of the importance of data security online.

After adding storage space to the Raspberry Pi via an SD card, Micro SD card or a USB drive to the Raspberry Pi, kids can use the Linux operating system on the device to remotely access drives  using an SSH command. Don’t worry! Different server monitoring systems can then be used to secure the home network.

  1. Predict the weather

You can transform your device into a weather station, like Maplin’s touchscreen product, only by setting up a Python operating system to access modules interacting with USB weather stations. You can record weather data for a whole week allowing children to observe and predict the weather. This can be, indeed, an amazing STEM activity!

Rasperry Pi Box

  1. Program your own games

Raspberry Pi makes computer education fun by educating children on one of the things that excites them the most: gaming. With this device they can build a game only by dragging and dropping, just like they do with the Blockly editor on the CoderZ online learning environment.

  1. Mod Minecraft

If your kids enjoy gaming, then this is the project for them. The Raspberry Pi is unique in that it offers custom modifications or mods. Using the Minecraft Application Programming Interface (API) they can customize the game with new graphics and gameplay. Only by writing short programs they can change the entire game. This will allow kids to learn about programming in a fun and super engaging environment.

There is no need to stop there. This small device is capable of many more things, like the camera expansion and many more. One of the keys to the technological world can fit in your pocket. Literally.

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