Even more amazing EV3 Projects to do with your students!

A few months ago we brought you a great selection of cool and simple EV3 projects you could do either with your kids or with your students. Since we love so much the great things kids can create by having the right coding knowledge and a LEGO Mindstorms EV3, we decided it was the right time to bring you more, and updated projects you’ll be able to do with your students and with an EV3.

Food news are, that in order to program your robot, you can always use CoderZ! If you’d like to practice, to check the different sensors out, and to see how everything works, there’s no need for you to buy the hardware kit just yet, with CoderZ each student gets to have his or her very own virtual EV3 robot. How cool is that?

So, what we came for! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy these cool EV3 projects. Keep in mind that the best part is actually making them, and you can count with all of our help for whenever you decide to do so. May the code be with you!

Take a look at these EV3 projects you can do at home or within your classroom

There’s nothing better than learning through doing, as Vygotsky said, education must be understood as a social interaction, and therefore, hands-on learning appears as the right key to assure the success of the learning process.

Building a robot and making it do things accomplishes this, and a number of other goals, that is why we feel so proud to show you these exciting projects.

The Tankbot: Turn your EV3 into a tank

In this great video, you’ll learn how to turn your EV3 robot into an amazing tank. The results are super fun, and we seriously encourage you to try this out in your classroom, and with your students.

Make your EV3 follow the line: Practice and do with CoderZ

It might look like something very simple, and actually, when learning how to program a robot with CoderZ, it is far from being the hardest task. However, making your robot do this is one of the basic things any teacher should start with when teaching their students how to program a robot, or a cyber robot.

We encourage you to learn how to do this on CoderZ, for you to practice, here you can request a 14-day free trial.

Fidget spinners and EV3’s: How can a robot start spinning!

Mr. Hino surprises us once again with this stunning and super fun project he did with his students. Did you ever play with a fidget spinner? Well, to make sure our robots aren’t out from this trendy activity, here’s how to make them actively participate.

Are you ready to make your robot play with a fidget spinner? Check this out!

It is time for your students to start learning with robots. Check out our cyber robotics learning environment!

We created CoderZ and we sponsor the CRCC competitions to make sure that every student, all around the globe, has access to learning with robots. This is why our platform offers every kid the possibility to own a virtual robot, and to do everything they could do with a real -and sometimes expensive- hardware kid, by only having a computer with internet access.

CoderZ is an accessible, scalable, gamified and mission-based learning environment where students learn the highest STEM abilities, while coding their very own virtual robot. If you want to give it a try, start today by requesting a 14-day free trial… and may the code be with you!