How to Educate in the 4th Industrial Revolution

We are facing the 4th industrial revolution: A revolution that has to do with the internet, the digital tools, and with robotics. A revolution in which the way we interact with the world and with each other will evolve into something different, fresh and new.

In this new era, everything needs a tweak. We cannot keep on living with the paradigms that ruled our lives until now. In this new era, we must focus on providing tools that can fit a workforce that requires a different skills set than the ones required a few years ago.

Educate in the 4th industrial revolution - CoderZ Blog

Is it right that we teach in the same type of classrooms we used more than a century ago? Is it OK for educators to keep basing their curricula in Pavlov when we have to actually teach and guide more focused on Vygotsky?

Where is social interaction located in our list of priorities? What are our students going to do after a robot replaces them, or their parents, in their jobs? Are we giving them tools to promote critical thinking, teamwork and problem-based learning?

Vygotsky mentioned that assessment should be used as an instructional tool to promote conceptual change.

As well, Vygotsky argued that it is only through social interaction with members of one’s society that children are able to internalize the symbols and tools of their culture.

There is a change we need to face, and if we don’t join this revolution today, tomorrow might be too late.

Today, in contrast to what the 2nd industrial revolution paradigms thought, when giving more, we actually receive more.

These videos will give you a hand to teach and educate in the 4th Industrial Revolution

1. What is the 4th industrial revolution? Let the World Economic Forum explain!

In this interesting short documentary, the World Economic Forum explains what this 4th industrial revolution is all about. It creates links with the current workforce, and it explains why the education system needs a big change.

2. Robots will replace you at your job. Let’s face it and become relevant!

Another super interesting TED Talk that puts a difficult subject on the table. Learn how to become relevant when a robot replaces you. Don’t forget that as Adi Shmorak mentioned, robots are problem solvers, so don’t be jealous of them and let’s find a way to work together and to remain relevant. This lecture might help you!

3. How to Educate in the 4th industrial revolution: A STEM Webinar for educators

Our favorite! In this STEM webinar given by Intelitek’s Director of STEAM and Pedagogy, Oded Reichsfeld, you’ll learn much more about the origins of this revolution, the consequences it has in the classroom and the different paths we can walk in order to adapt the content we teach, to have students that are better prepared to succeed in a world with new paradigms.

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Content by Arie Elbelman, Head of Social Marketing at CoderZ and CEO of LEÓN Marketing.