Bring Digital Robotics Competition to Your Classroom with Spring CoderZ League
Bring Digital Robotics Competition to Your Classroom with Spring CoderZ League

Bring Digital Robotics Competition to Your Classroom with Spring CoderZ League

CoderZ League Competition, Virtual Robotics
Updated: March 2024 Mar. 2024
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CoderZ League Competition, Virtual Robotics

Are you ready to introduce computer science in your classroom? Have you been looking to enhance motivation, boost confidence, and provide an exciting hands-on opportunity this semester?   

Spring CoderZ League kicks off in less than three weeks (March 27th) and the training camp is NOW OPEN! 

We can all agree, gamified learning and learning through play is one of the best ways to engage students.  

Add a dash of *international* competition (NBD but your students will feel super cool), and you’ve unlocked a whole new excitement level.  

Spring CoderZ League is a global, byte-sized competition where students develop and employ their coding and digital robotics skills through team-based missions. This competition provides a taste of the popular Fall CoderZ League, where students can compete globally to demonstrate and apply their coding skills. 

Spring CoderZ League is designed to allow students to: 

  • Gain momentum and excitement in their coding journey through a spring competition 
  • Practice and apply 21st century skills – competition provides a unique opportunity to advance critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity 
  • Work together as a team to accomplish a shared goal  
  • Compete and play alongside classmates and students from across the globe 
  • Gain confidence and experience to be ready for the popular annual Fall League, our signature competition with even more action and fun! 

Just like in the fall, students of any skill level can participate. There is no prior coding experience necessary and in fact, this is a fun way for students to dip their toes in the water before they begin coding curriculum next school year or enter the Fall League competition.  

However, this condensed version of League does not include the Pro Division and only includes Novice Division and Junior Division. (Don’t worry! Pro will be back for the Fall League!) 

Previous Novice teams can benefit by entering the Spring CoderZ League at the Junior level, and get a taste of a more advanced playing field and a mini version of what the fall will bring.   

Teachers also do not need experience in coding, and the competition allows teachers to get a glimpse of what is offered in the coding curriculum and a taste of offering digital robotics coding in the classroom. While the curriculum comes with many teacher resources, this coding competition still meets teachers where they are at and provides guidance for teachers to give their students an awesome experience.  

Even for new-to-CS teachers, Spring CoderZ League provides competition without complication. We recognize the value in having an experience that is not only fun for students, but also fun for teachers. The symbiotic relationship of both the teachers and students enjoying an educational experience fosters the foundational steps of learning through enhanced engagement, motivation, encouragement, and interest.  

Spring CoderZ League offers a robotics competition that is equitable and inclusive. You can play in the classroom and at home. The competition encourages students to:

  • Collaborate with their peers and delegate different responsibilities
  • Think outside of the box
  • Work under unique constraints that can mirror real-world application constraints.
  • Practice important elements of Social-Emotional Learning like building relationships, emotional awareness of self and others, empathy, flexibility, optimism and perseverance.   

No prior experience? What a great place to start! 

The Novice division is an introduction to STEM, where teams work together as they navigate Zappy the robot through engaging missions. Students experience the fundamentals of robotics including basic principles of coding with Blockly using simple chain commands. 

Recommended for: 4th-6th Grade 

Basic coding knowledge? Junior is the place to be! 

Teams will compete to unlock new games and challenges to get their virtual 
robots to the finals! As they practice their coding using Blockly, students also develop computational thinking and creative problem-solving skills. 

Recommended for: 6th-9th Grade and previous Novice participants 

Need something more advanced? The Pro Division will be back in the fall, serving up the competition for those ready to take on coding in Python. In the meantime, check out our curriculum for advanced coders. 

View our recorded webinar that goes over all of the in’s and out’s of Spring CoderZ League, plus access to preview videos of each of the games that will be featured in the Spring competition.  

Click here to get exclusive resources.

Gamification and competition encourage students to learn and develop skills while also having fun! Celebrate the successes of the school year while creating computer science confidence in your students in preparation for next year through a fun-filled, global coding competition. 

Get Bonus Content by Registering NOW! 

The competition officially starts March 27th when students will have access to begin playing missions where they earn points toward the competition, but the Training Camp with access to all of the activities to begin preparing and practicing is OPEN NOW. The sooner you join the competition, the more opportunity your students will have to practice, play, and win the competition. To learn more about the timeline of the competition click here. 

Check out the webinar with access to bonus information and an inside look at the games here.  

Learn more about the Spring CoderZ League here. 

Written by:
Sierra Combelic
Written by:
Sierra Combelic

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