CoderZ League World Championships – Congratulations Winners Fall 2022
CoderZ League World Championships – Congratulations Winners Fall 2022

CoderZ League World Championships – Congratulations Winners Fall 2022

CoderZ League Competition, Virtual Robotics
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CoderZ League Competition, Virtual Robotics

The laptops are closed, the adrenaline has worn off, and the winners have been announced…

CoderZ League 2022 Championships were broadcast LIVE, Thursday, January 12th. The final games were streamed on Twitch, where coders were put to the challenge to compete in an international competition against fellow learners from across the world.  

Want to see the excitement for yourself? Check out the recording from the Twitch stream of the 2022 CoderZ League Championship here.  

Congratulations Winners! 

CoderZ League Pro Winner: Team – Master 

CoderZ League Junior Winner: Team – Granny’s Graveyard 

CoderZ League Novice Preliminary Winners: Teams – T-X Coders, Robotic Griffins, R-Kids 

Students competed from across the globe, pouring their hearts and minds into the competition and we are so impressed by all who participated. The skills, knowledge, determination, and openness to learn made this competition incredibly epic. 

View our CoderZ League Hall of Fame to see all the winners past and present.  

Learn more about CoderZ League Competitions. 

CoderZ League is the ultimate international coding competition for kids, where students form teams made up of up to six members battle through games and missions to attain the title of CoderZ League World Champions.  

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic school year, thousands of students joined the competition from every corner of the globe and ranging in all skill levels – some having no prior coding experience while others entered the tournament with a more expansive coding background.  

The competition for the Fall League is broken up into three divisions:  

  • Novice – an introduction to coding and an opportunity to gain STEM fundamentals  
  • Junior – an opportunity for students to expand and challenge their coding skills while applying 21st Century Skills to learning 
  • Pro – an advanced competition for students who are ready to take on the ultimate challenge while learning and applying multidisciplinary STEM concepts like physics and geometry 

Students enter the competition and begin building team cohesion through collaborative bonding activities like creating a team flag, practicing different roles, and delegating responsibilities.  

Check out 5 Winning Tips for Teachers From Our Community 

Students begin in the training camp to prepare for the competition and from there, start acquiring points for their team through missions and challenges.  

The top teams in the competition will enter into a bracket-style tournament – the March Madness of coding competitions that are organized based on geographic location.  

From there, the top teams go on to compete in the finals where their code will be live-streamed as they duke it out to earn the title of CHAMPION. 

Creating buzz and excitement around computer science, CoderZ League helps build momentum and turn up the notch on enthusiasm and engagement in the classroom. Dr. Yuvraj Verma, an inner-city teacher at Martha Gaskins Elementary School within the Birmingham City Schools System in Central Alabama participated in this last season of CoderZ League.  

In an article he wrote for eSchool News, he describes how robotic gamification helped his elementary students love STEM. He was looking for a coding curriculum option that provided programming efficiency, automation, and replicable actions, and noted that the “…differentiation [within CoderZ] enables inclusion among diverse learners (i.e., students with special needs, English Language Learners, etc.)”. According to Dr. Verma, “…I was surprised that the program also taught my students practical life-skills as well, including teamwork, resilience, and relationship building.” Dr. Verma lead his students to become the Eastern-US Champions of the Fall 2022 CoderZ League Robotics Competition. 

Students at Douglas Elementary in Texas rallied around their classmates and cheered them on in the competition. The coders put themself to the challenge and made their school so proud! Although they didn’t win the competition, they gained so much through the entire tournament, not to mention, the momentum and excitement around STEM that was brought to their school was a special experience for all. They gathered in their school’s gymnasium to cheer on their classmates and watch the competition live on Twitch! 

When students are evaluated on what they’ve learned, their average evaluation scores improved by 35% when gamification was involved in the learning process. Some scores even improved as much as 89%.  

The CoderZ League competition continues to fuel new motivation for students to engage in STEM and apply themselves in a way we don’t often get to when it comes to learning computer science in the classroom. Competition is such a great driver of learning, as is play.  

As we at CoderZ strive to provide opportunities for students to learn in ways that engage and encourage them with accessible and equitable opportunities, we are continuously being inspired and reinvigorated by the ways educators bring coding options to their classrooms and the creativity behind ways to engage and uplift students (sometimes even at an entire school level) to new challenges and exciting opportunities.  

Interested in bringing the competition to your school?  

CoderZ is offering a byte-sized version of the competition with Spring CoderZ League, which is designed to:

  • Celebrate the end of the school year with a competition that allows students (and teachers) to have fun while practicing and applying 21st century skills  
  • Continue to hone their coding skills with an easy-to-use platform
  • Allows educators to dip their toes into coding curriculum and gain first-hand experience seeing just how easy it is to use computer science in the classroom.
  • Open the doors for more students to participate who weren’t able to join in the fall.

*Novice division games include: Robogolf, Discoblock and Moon Base. Junior Division games include: Farm Fever, Lasers vs. Baloons and Jungle Gym. Pro unavailable for Spring 2023 but will return for Fall CoderZ League 2023

The big competition will also be back in the fall, and in the meantime, Spring CoderZ League is an amazing time to give your students a taste and help prepare them to compete and win BIG!  

Register Now for Spring CoderZ League Challenge.

Written by:
CoderZ Team
Written by:
CoderZ Team

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