The best sites to learn about education and robotics

We are overwhelmed. We constantly receive information about new education and robotics sites, and without even noticing, we see ourselves in the middle of a pool of data, articles, experts and various notions about a certain field or reality. It becomes hard to find that exact material we were looking for, we know, se we are here to help.

Just like we did before at this same Blog, by showing you the best TED Talks about robotics education, today we feel the need of creating thisnew selection of robotics and education sites.

There are many sources of information we truly enjoy and since we love sharing knowledge, we’ve gathered together some of the best places for you to get informed in these interesting, dynamic and hot subjects: Robotics, education and programming.

Our favorite education and robotics sites are…

1. EdSurge: Information, news and community around EdTech

edsurge logo

We felt that we have to say thanks. So a few days ago we sent a message to Agustin Vilaseca, EdSurge’s Founder, showing him our genuine gratitude for creating such a source of inspiration and knowledge.

In this website you’ll find tons of relevant content, articles, researches, reviews of educational products and even a job search for the education field section.

If you are into education, if you are a decision maker, if you love technology or you just want to be in the loop for the latest trends of EdTech we recommend you to visit EdSurge every day.

2. Experts in science, technology, physics and robotics logoIf you are looking for a place to learn from those who know the best in the fields of technology, robotics, science and even space is the website you were looking for.

You can not only learn about nanotechnology and physics, but you can also subscribe to their RSS in order to receive all the latest news directly in your email (and let us tell you a secret, we are working on the same thing for the CoderZBlog. So you’ll receive all of our latest blog posts directly in your email. It’s going to happen very soon!).

It’s amazing the amount of news you can get from this portal and the amount of material you can get to learn. Understanding how the technology works, explained professionally but in very eye-level, allows you to experience high quality content with a bigger openness to learning.

3. IoT & Robotics: A fresh source of information about Internet of Thing

The internet of things has been a very hot topic for a while. We received the recommendation to readthis newsletter from the one who can be considered the CoderZ mother (and for now, we will keep her name as a secret). Since we started reading these newsletters, we understood the importance, relevance and deepness of this content.

Don’t miss one more day and start reading the IoT & Robotics material. It will surround you with technology, innovation and great new ideas.

4. RoboGabby: A smart and charismatic kid living and breathing robotics

Simply amazing! An enormous source of inspiration and smiles. It is always good to see how kids actually do something outstanding mixing and using their skills and passions. RoboGabby does great YouTube tutorials and has an amazing presence on Twitter.

She just loves robotics and she’s experiencing firsthand how STEM classes and innovative tools can impact the day to day life of a student. You should definitely visit her YouTube channel. Bravo, RoboGabby!

5. CoderZ Twitter, Facebook & Blog: Keep updated and check CoderZ’s news and new features

Computer with CoderZ on the screenWe couldn’t not invite you to follow us and get to know our latest news, features and researches. Our Blog as been growing a lot in visitors and we are receiving very positive feedback from our readers.

Since we created all of our social channels for you, we would really appreciate to receive your feedback, your opinion and even your contributions. Start following CoderZon Twitter, like CoderZ’s Facebook page and keep on reading this blog, we’re absolutely sure that you’ll have something to say.

Tell us about your favorite education and robotics websites in the comments below. If you want to learn more about CoderZ, visit our website. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you!