Best coding websites for kids

There has never been a better time to teach kids how to code. Recent researches have showed that programming is one of the most valuable skills that peoplecan bring into the job market, so many parents and schools are looking for new engaging, unique and affordable ways to teach computer science to their kids.

best coding sites for kids

Here are a few coding websites for kids and coding apps for kids that you can start trying out to find a way to get your kids or students more interested in learning programming.

There are many different styles and options, but we’re sure your kid’s perfect match is one of coding apps and platforms below. Pay attention!

5 Recommended coding sites and apps for kids


Code Monster is a very hands-on tool for kids to learn programming. As they are coding, they are able to see immediately how their code has an impact on what they see before them.

This type of interaction gives them timely feedback so that they understand how different coding principles have an effect on what they are doing.

According to reviews, even children who aren’t necessarily interested in programming enjoy using this tool. Common Sense Media has described Code Monster as “simple but mostly effective as a self-led journey of programming discovery”.


Hopscotch is open-ended and enables kids to get really creative about their own projects. There’s no setup, typing or syntaxes – you can simply drag blogs and instantly play with what you have made.

Hopscotch can be downloaded on the Apple Store (and with no pocket pain: it is free for iPads and iPhone users). Some of the interesting projects that kids have created in Hopscotch include Minecraft remakes, beautiful drawings, space adventure games, mini websites, two player combat games, generative art and some drawing tools.


One of the vital concepts that kids learn when using Cargo-Bot is how to break down big problems into smaller, bite size chunks.

Cargo-Bot has already been downloaded by over more than one million people and it is described as a puzzle game that challenges your brain.

It helps you (or actually, your kids) learn coding skills. This is also an iPad version. Don’t get too excited though, we have to be honest: Some of the feedback by users on the Apple Store aren’t too flattering.


This app has been described as an ideal way for kids to learn programming skills, whether they are interested in coding or not.

The skills that kids learn when playing Move the Turtle will help them develop problem-solving skills that are important in a variety of fields of study. In some way, just like CoderZ, helps kids to get the skills they’ll need in the near future.

5. CoderZ

But, of course! We have to mention ourselves. CoderZ is an online learning environment thathelps schools and teachers with their STEM classes. Students can learn coding online with an engaging online learning environment, challenges and competitions.

We allow students to work at their own pace. But not only that, students can easily program real and virtual robots from anywhere by only having a computer with internet access.(Actually, let us show you this amazing girl who’s in love with STEM, robotics and especially with CoderZ)

CoderZ is designed for students with different background levels on robotics: from beginners, who can start programming robots using Blockly to advanced students who can start coding even using Java.

Educators can take advantage of an online learning environment that includes specialized content and useful learning management tools.

Teachers can also view dashboards with their students statistics, video tutorials, access built-in support for popular robotics platforms and object oriented coding, such as Java and C++.

CoderZ’s programs are developed for teachers and education specialistswho want to help children become interested in STEM, robotics and programming in order todevelop the skills that are needed to understand this fields of study.

Contact us for more information today and take your STEM class to the next level.

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