Watch these 4 talented and inspiring kids in STEM

Kids are always a source of inspiration. When we see our students succeed it’s like being awarded with a gold medal.

As years go by, and digital literacy becomes every day more indispensable, we see our students and kids learn and perfectly manage skills that we never thought we would be able to learn when we were their age.

We bring you a selection of 4 amazingly inspiring kids that, through coding, robotics or mechanics are changing the world we all live in. Leadership, perseverance, intelligence, and determination are only a few of the characteristics all of these kids have.

Take some time to watch and hear the stories of these 4 inspiring kids who are coding their own dreams to make this world a better place.

Little Code Ninja: The creator of StoryBot

This young and talented kid is an inspiration for everyone. He started learning how to code and after he mastered it, he created a very creative board-game called StoryBot to help other kids in their learning process for becoming programmers.

He is a very talented and smart kid. We’re sure he will keep changing the world and that he will keep inspiring others. Bravo!

Thomas Suarez: An anti-Justin Bieber App creator

Thomas gave this TED talk a few years ago, right after having developed the Earth Fortune and the Bustin Jieber apps for iPad. This talented kid took his desire to play one step forward by actually making the games his friends would like to play.

“A lot of kids these days want to play games, but now they want to make them”, Thomas said, and he actually did it.

Thomas didn’t stay with his arms crossed when he didn’t find something fun to play, instead, he created it. This talented kid (now teenager) is undeniably inspiring.

Jonathan Buchanan: A digital polyglot

If the languages spoken on Babel would have been digital languages, Jonathan would have been the king. This amazing kid manages various programming languages, and he did all of his learning outside of school.

Jonathan didn’t have the chance to learn how to code or program in school, but he would have liked to. Besides his stunning programming abilities, he is very good at design and developed a fantastic critical thinking ability.

When we see kids like Jonathan, we understand why online learning environments like CoderZ are so important for schools. We feel proud to offer a platform where kids learn how to program virtual and real robots, in school, and within the STEM pathways. Letting the leaders of tomorrow achieve their dreams today: That’s one of our biggest motivations.

Jacob Barnett: Quantum Mechanics in the eyes of a kid

Jacob is full of passion. His outstanding mathematical abilities leave everyone with their mouths open. When he understood the deepest meaning of his love for shapes, he used that to solve astrophysics problems.

Jacob says that life is a constant learning, but more important than learning is actually to think and to create.

Just like the Little Code Ninja does, Jacob also loves to share knowledge, and he does so by creating calculus videos for other to learn this mathematical thinking. Not for nothing he was accepted into college at the age of 10.

Even though he was told, at an early age by a therapist, he wouldn’t talk, there he is, showing his amazing talent to the entire planet. Keep inspiring the world with your leadership and energy, Jacob!

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