Cyber Robotics 101 Advanced

This third and last course in the Cyber Robotics 101 series cements the foundational coding and robotics knowledge picked up in previous courses, while introducing advanced new concepts such as: color sensor, robotic arm, ultrasonic used for radar, and coding for control flow. Kids learn to support autonomous decision-making (programming the robot to react to its environment based on sensor input) and must demonstrate powerful use of these hard skills and 21st Century soft skills (creativity, problem solving, critical thinking) to succeed in the final Challenge Missions pack.

Who this course is for: Kids ages 10-14 who have completed Cyber Robotics 101 Basics and Cyber Robotics 101 Essentials. Suitable for progressed independent learners or parent/tutor-led learning.

No installation
No hardware costs
PBL Approach
NGSS & CSTA alignment
Downloadable Certificate

12+ hours of curriculum

Gamified activities with step-by-step instructions

Grades 5th-9th
English, Arabic, French, Spanish
Lego Education Blended learning available
This course allows students to either play it fully online, or to connect it to lego's EV3 pysical robot and watch their code in action
Last updated 11/2021
5 lessons, 38 missions

Сourse outline and learning objectives

Color Detection

Not all measures are about space. The color sensor permits motion planning based on color readings.

Challenge Missions II

It’s crunch time again. Let’s see how well you’ve learned the material so far.

Object Manipulation

Learn to use the robot’s arm and an encoder to grab and move objects.

Decision Making

Program your robot to autonomously react to its environment based on sensory input.

Challenge Missions III

Rise to the final challenge! Using all your new skills, code the robot to make autonomous decisions.

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Course resources

Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide

Everything you need to flow through each lesson, including: clear objectives, questions for reflection, instructional videos, and more.

Slide Deck for Classroom Activities

Slide Deck for Classroom Activities

Each session is guided by a presentation that covers the entire session from theory to practice, including: scientific background, examples and sample code, discussion guidelines, play time activities, and speaker notes.

Mission Solutions

Mission Solutions

You can quickly navigate to all the solutions for each lesson in just a few clicks.

Heatmaps and Student Reports

Heatmaps and Student Reports

So you can see how individual students compare to one another, identify specific topics they may be struggling with, and recommend corrective actions.

Knowledge Base and Help Desk

Knowledge Base and Help Desk

Get answers to all your subject matter questions and find your way around the platform.

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