Virtual Robotics Competitions: Rebuilding STEM Momentum

Online Virtual Robotics Competition

Robotics competitions the world over are a rite of passage for STEM students. There’s nothing quite like building a team, accepting the challenge, learning new things, and having serious fun along the way. And competitions are not just for STEM enthusiasts; they are proven to draw new young learners and create momentum across clubs, schools, and districts for everyone.  

This year, however, the annual rite of passage came to a screeching halt with COVID-19 school closures, threatening to indefinitely postpone or cancel competitions that have become the catalyst for STEM momentum every school year.  

We’re pleased to share that we can rebuild momentum in STEM through a unique virtual robotics coding competition! CoderZ League – formerly known as the Cyber Robotics CodingCompetition, is a powerful community of clubs, schools, and district programs that want to capture the magic of coding competitions while respecting the constraints that the coronavirus has placed on all of us.  

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CoderZ League, organized by the ISCEF Foundation, is a groundbreaking virtual robotics competition that engages students in coding while fostering critical 21st Century Skills. Schools can compete and involve students through gaming and competition in STEM, coding, and tech literacy… all online. 

In keeping with its mission to bring coding to all learners, no previous experience is necessary, no coding expertise is required for teachers or students. Simply put, everyone can participate and everyone can benefit 

CoderZ League is cloud-based, can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, and uses a simulation of virtual 3D Robots that perform complex challenges and missions. 

By learning to program, planning, and strategizing the virtual robot to complete missions, students will compete within their class, grade, school, district, and state to gain more points and progress to the finals. 

CoderZ League has seen teams participate from all over the world, including the US, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. (We’re one continent shy of total global participation!)Students and teachers who have participated in this robotics competition cite the power of its inclusivenessthe ability to welcome all learners, and the opportunity to help close the gender gap in STEM education. Students who never considered themselves capable of coding are becoming programmers after only a few lessons and practices. 

Hear what educators have to say about our competitions.  

See New Hampshire’s Commission of Education rave about the excitement! 

This year, CoderZ League has evolved the competition to ensure that learners at every level have an opportunity to join and to thrive.  

Online Robotics Competition

Joining CoderZ League will enable your students to fully participate in a well-known robotics competition, gain the skills and abilities they’ll need to succeed in a future we seem to less about, and to maintain the rhythm of the learning process in these extraordinary times. 

Learn more about CoderZ and CoderZ League and see why now, more than ever, we need robotics competitions to rebuild STEM momentum! 

Interested in learning more or want to talk with a CoderZ team member? Simply Contact Us and a team member will get in touch right away.  

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Why Coderz?

Students at CODERZ can learn how to code virtual or real robots using a step-by-step tutorial.
CoderZ is an easy-to-use, highly flexible virtual robotics platform tailored to serve every student,
at every level, creating an unparalleled, cutting-edge STEM experience for teachers and students alike.

Cloud-based, accessible online from the classroom or from home


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    Sor docente y me interesa el programa informes. Gracias

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      October 16, 2020 at 6:55 am

      Thank you for your interest in CoderZ.
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