4 Teachers doing unique things to engage their students

There’s no doubt, it is hard to keep our students engaged in class. We’ve written a few articles in the past about things to do to keep students engaged in a STEM class, but the fact that the theory is far from reality is crystal clear.

Today, we want to think outside of the box and invite you to check out these unique teachers doing everything they can to inspire, to engage and to show their students they actually believe in them.

All of these attitudes and activities, that go beyond the academic hours or the curricula, show that when you love what you do, the impact in your students can be unmeasurable.

Therefore, when the school year just begins, we want to show you these 4 sources of inspiration to encourage you to think differently and to collaborate to make the school system more personalized. May the code be with you!

Take a look at these 4 educators doing fun, unique things to engage their students

1. Everything starts with a handshake. See this teacher that knows each one of his students very well

This great teacher created a personalized handshake with each one of the members of his class, and starts the day off this way.

This is an excellent way to show each student of the class that he remembers them, and that each one is a transcendental element of the group. We believe that courage and encouragement are basics for success. Take a look at this teacher who, according to us, deserves a big round of applause.


2. What do we need to inspire the students of the future? Joe Ruhl might have the answer!

In this TED talk, Joe Ruhl discusses how after almost 40 years teaching, he understood the importance of the 4 C’s of education. In the amazing speech given, he mentions how our academic curricula should be focused on giving tools, skills and abilities, to prepare students for an unknown future.

Take a look at his fantastic talk!

3. Let’s be creative in the classroom. It is the only way to guarantee a good educational environment for our students.

Catherine Thimmesh explains why she thinks we have a lack of creativity in the classroom, and how can we solve it in a few minutes. In this TEDx talk she gave, she questions current educational practices and proposes new ways to teach, learn and evaluate.

4.Believe in your students, make your students believe. Believe in your students, make your students believe.

No. The fact the our title is written twice it is not a mistake. Michael Scruggs starts off every morning with his students, using a different mantra. A mantra that allows his class to believe they can, to understand that they are able to do things differently.

In this short video, we see students that start every day knowing that each problem can be solved, and that it doesn’t matter what they have to do, they will be capable of doing it.

Sometimes, the one thing teachers have to do, is to believe their students can. Period.

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