What’s the ultimate goal of education?

Teachers worldwide always have asked themselves what the ultimate goal of education is. For centuries, we’ve been learning and teaching because we have become accustomed of living in such a system. Not many times, we can stop and think about why we do what we are doing. 

The multiple paradigms of our society, and more specifically, of our education, are going through a relevant and irreversible transformation. As we are facing the 4th industrial revolution, we are changing hierarchical positions to become more flat and horizontal, and we live in a world where information is -always- just around the corner.

Therefore, we became curious and we wanted to know what is the ultimate goal of education, according to those educators (and STEM advocates) who live, teach and learn according to these new paradigms.

Through CoderZ’s twitter profile, we touched base with some extraordinary teachers, and we got some pretty interesting answers.

When asking some teachers “what is the ultimate goal of education?”, these are some of the answers we received

“To impart knowledge and skills and prepare people for the real working world…that’s the ultimate goal in my book.”

Miss Khan

“In short, to think-deeply and broadly. If we produce learners who can solve problems and be informed voters then education wins.”

Leonard Anneta

“Every student will experience an authentic learning environment where they rigorously apply knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines to solve real world problems and answer meaningful questions.”

David Lee

“To us, the ultimate goal of education is to spark a pursuit of knowledge in the child, so that they keep on learning as they grow into whoever they choose to be.”


“Innovation. Making things better 4 our world, we have to teach kids this innovative mindset. Set them up for success in THEIR future!”

And she continues – “Teachers should empower students to maximize their potential, discover passions, and help them develop as collaborative, critical thinkers.”

Ariel Jankord

“Preparing all kids 4 meaningful engagement in 21st century civic, economic, cultural, & social life that awaits them after High School.”

Kenneth Klau


Then, we wanted to know what some people of our own team thinks about this interesting subject, so when stopping by their desks, we receive a different, relevant input regarding the new education paradigms.


pros and cons of education technology

So, what does the CoderZ team thinks the ultimate goal of education is?

Create a better future. As simple as that”

Adi Shmorak

CoderZ’s Head of Product Innovation

Make a difference in the world. Allow students to discover from many different perspectives, and innovate within”

Dorin Shani

CoderZ’s Product Jedi

The ultimate goal of education is to help all of us become better people”

Michael Horwitz

CoderZ’s Marketing Campaigns Wizard

The ultimate goal of education is to inspire the next generation of learners to find their passions, talents, and continue the quest for personal growth in all aspects of their lives”

Sara Kirsch

American History Teacher and CoderZ’s Business Development Representative

The ultimate goal of education is (or should be) to help people reach their maximum potential in the areas they love, moving away from standardized evaluations. There is no education without passion, and if we want to make this world a better place, we should start by collaborating to this macro mission from those places we both love and we’re good at”

Arie Elbelman R

LEÓN Marketing‘s CEO and CoderZ’s Head of Social Marketing

“For each students to receive the right tools, through education and in school, to fulfill his own dreams, goals and desires”

Guy Tordjman

CoderZ’s Software Programmer

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