CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education Spike™ Prime

Should your 9-year-old be coding? Absolutely!

New and Improved: CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education Spike™Prime

Many of us wish we were bilingual. Research tells us it’s good for your brain, reduces the chance of Alzheimer’s, makes you more competitive in the job market, and makes learning additional languages even easier. And we all know that the younger you are, the easier it is to pick up a new language. The same is true for coding. Learning to code is like learning a new language. And just like a language, the earlier you learn it the better.

As soon as a student shows interest is the best time to give your young students an early & engaging entry into the world of programming and STEM. Lucky for you, the CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education Spike™Prime is the perfect introduction to coding in a gamified environment, keeping your 4th-7th grade students engaged and excited while they learn.

New Adventures New Robot

In this beginner’s course, students program their own virtual robot to navigate through CoderZ’s Frozen​ Island, Lost City, Candy Town, Weebo’s Manor, and other exciting adventures while performing basic math and geometry using loops, sensors, and more. This course has 30 hours of curriculum, including almost 100 engaging online missions for exploration, discovery, and practice!​

The Adventures course is a perfect way to incorporate essential STEM topics, like physics and experimentation, into your classroom. The alignment with CSTA and NGSS standards makes it seamless to integrate and easy to make time for. We know your classroom time is precious, which is why CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education Spike™Prime is filled with every tool to make you successful in your delivery and your students enthralled with this new adventure.

But What Will They Learn?

While your students are playing, they’re learning as well! As they develop their understanding of fundamental robotics and coding, they hone their problem solving and critical thinking skills in each mission. To move forward they must succeed. And to dominate, they have to work together. Collaboration is an essential 21st century skill that no one does better than CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education Spike™ Prime. The interactive experimentation helps students explore the connection between hardware and software and how that can influence robotics design. The creativity we so often ascribe to the arts is central to the development of new STEM technologies. Put your students on the right path with an opportunity to create, design, and plan.

With the new teacher’s guide, you’re prepared to teach coding regardless of your own experience or comfort level. Each lesson is paired with learning objectives and guiding questions. Built-in formative assessment opportunities let you track, monitor, and address learning gaps and misconceptions in each student (differentiated as heck!). Reflective questions target the iterative design process central to the Next Generation Science Standards and build students’ reasoning skills with fun and excitement.

Assessment and Differentiation

Don’t think we forgot summative assessments. Quizzes for each lesson are included in the platform and student progress is easily monitored in the teacher heatmap, giving you a single glance progress check for your entire class. For authentic assessments and reinforcement of collaboration skills, two projects are included in the platform and are aligned with the objectives for each lesson. If you have your own brilliant idea, rubrics are provided for you to use or modify.

CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education Spike™Prime can be taught by anyone and learned by anyone. Aided by thorough mission by mission walkthroughs with tips for leading the learning and instructional videos, power up your classroom with the best virtual robotics coding platform out there. Absolutely zero experience teaching coding is required to deliver this industry-leading STEM platform to your students. Interested? Give it a whirl with a free 14-day trial. You’re an amazing teacher and you need the right tools to bring high quality STEM opportunities to your students. Do it with the support and resources designed for you by CoderZ.