Girls Can’t Code and Other Modern Myths

Have you also heard that girls can’t code? You also advocate to end the gender gap both in coding and in STEM education? We strongly believe in inclusivity, and that is why we are doing everything we can both in CoderZ and during the CRCC competitions to let the world know that anyone can learn how to code and become

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Gaming in Education: Using Virtual Robotics to Implement STEM Learning

You may have often heard younger students in school complaining about how difficult their math and science homework can be, but they seem to do just fine with homework and assignments in language or history subjects. What these students don’t know is that learning STEM subjects can not only be stimulating but can be easy and engaging as well. Out

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New and more 21st century skills you didn’t know were that important!

Yes, again we are going to be talking about 21st-century skills. Although, this time we’d like to explore a different area of skills and abilities you most likely haven’t heard about, or at least, about how important they’ll be in the years to come. Most people speak -only- about critical thinking, algorithmic thinking, and analytical thinking. But if we truly

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Meet Ido Yerushalmi: An interview about education with our CEO

 For a few years, we’ve been sharing with you a number of perspectives on education. Many are the thought leaders who thoughtfully shared their points of view on education, STEM, STEAM curricula, and cyber robotics in this, our STEM Blog. We’ve made sure you get to know Maria Montessori, Linda Liukas, Seymour Papert, Lev Vygotsky, and many other leaders who

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The Way of the Future: STEAM-Based Learning & Renewable Energy Projects

Evolution is everything in education. As our world continues to change, particularly the use of technology, so too should the way we teach students about the world. Education is important for many reasons, including understanding what the real issues are in regards to sustainability. There’s a lot of noise online — we’re constantly bombarded with fake news and unsubstantiated claims.

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Robotics in Education: 3 cool ways to incorporate robotics into your curricula

Fact: Robotics is an amazing way to teach our students a number of disciplines. Through learning of robotics, and through participation in different available robotics competitions, teachers can deliver STEM knowledge and help students strengthen their 21st-century skills and abilities. We know, this sounds amazing but putting it into practice can be extremely challenging for administrators, superintendents, principals, and of

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