Important Qualities that Every STEM Teacher Should Have

Teachers are very influential people. The way teachers guide and treat their students has a huge influence on how they’ll behave and think in the future. The same responsibility goes for a teacher who is teaching STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

There are numerous challenges in becoming a STEM teacher. They manage very important subjects that are critical for the student’s ability to analyze and solve problems. Hence, it is important for a teacher to possess the right set of skills to enrich the student’s learning. The idea is to make every knowledge and skill intake successful.

To name a few, here are essential qualities that make an outstanding STEM teacher:

Be flexible to different learning styles

STEM covers technical subjects wherein students may or may not have difficulty grasping underlying thoughts. So, it is best to practice different teaching techniques to cater to the students’ varying learning rhythms.

Develop advanced techniques for teaching

Since we are in fast-paced, highly advanced period, STEM teachers ought to use teaching techniques involving videos, projected presentations, and other high-end mediums. This way, teachers can easily attract and retain the attention of their students.

Facilitate the students’ learning process

As a teacher, you ought to guide your students on a step-by-step basis at first. This does not entail spoon feeding the students. Instead, help them understand the lesson until they become independent learners.

Go for hands-on or direct strategies

Learning is more effective when students get to face problems personally and find resolutions right on the spot. Not only will it be challenging for them, but it will also be a fun and motivating experience.

Bea guide and a mentor, not necessarily a friend

Create a warm atmosphere in class where students will feel comfortable asking questions about the lesson. It is also a good way to build rapport with your students and to encourage them in active participation. Despite this, you need to be firm regarding your rules and deadlines.

Set high expectations

If you have set high expectations for your students, this challenges them to succeed in their subjects. It will be very beneficial for the students since they will give more attention and efforts to their studies.

Be knowledgeable yet remain an open book

You should have sufficient knowledge and mastery of the subjects you are handling. However, you should also remain open to new facts. Teaching is a two-way process. You share your learning just as you learn from your students.

Learning how to become a STEM teacher may be easy, but developing oneself to be a competent and effective teacher is far more different. It takes more practice and extra patience to install efficacious learning. And if you think you’re still not doing it right, you need not fret. A great teacher does not evolve overnight. With the qualities mentioned above, paired with genuine care for students and the enthusiasm for self-growth, you can surely develop into the kind of STEM teacher you have always wanted to be.

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