6 amazing STEM webinars for teachers

When you find the right partners to make this world a better place, that mission becomes easier to achieve. For the past year, we have been sharing knowledge, tools and recommendations with teachers, worldwide, with one very specific goal: Improve the current educational system with innovation, formative assessment, robotics and STEM.

As you know (or at least, as you should know) we host one free webinar per month for educators to attend, interact and learn with other teachers of the planet. Our STEM webinars subject go from “Robotics Curriculum” and until “Education 4.0: Educating in the 4th Industrial Revolution”, having over 600 registered educators on average.

All of our webinars are useful tools for teachers to improve their interaction with students and both the process and the results of their STEM classes. Today, we want to put together 6 of the best STEM webinars we’ve hosted so far, and also, to invite you to keep your eyes open for the upcoming ones. Just visit CoderZ’s STEM webinars portal and stay tuned.

6 of the best STEM webinars hosted by CoderZ

1. Is Blockly the next big thing for robotics education? By Ken Gracey

We partnered up with the amazing Parallax Inc. team to offer educators from all over the globe a fantastic webinar in which Ken Gracey, Parallax’s President, explained the benefits of using Blockly in robotics education and STEM classes.

He used examples from the Parallax world and from CoderZ’s online learning environment, and entertained the audience with great examples of robots he showed live.

Just hit the play button and enjoy the amazing session we had with Ken.

2. A global approach to STEM education by Oscar Contreras-Villarroel

Oscar Contreras-Villarroel is an extremely talented Chilean scientist, president and founder of the Youth Science Foundation of Latin America.

A few months ago, we had the privilege of meeting him and working together in order to create a unique session for STEM leaders, from all over the world, to understand how to implement a STEM strategy in a specific educational system, understanding the particular paradigms and local needs of that particular spot.

He showed great examples of implementation and proved that when you believe in a better educational system, anything can be done. Just hit play and enjoy Oscar’s STEM webinar.

3. Formative Assessment in a STEM and Robotics Learning Environment by Oded Reichsfeld

Oded Reichsfeld is Intelitek’s director of STEAM and pedagogy. He has been a teacher for more than 30 years and for over a decade he has been researching Wigodsky’s theories of education, in order to develop VIA, a tool that aims to provide both teacher and student an interactive communication channel to improve the learning process.

In this session, Oded spoke about collaborative learning and formative assessment in a unique, very interesting way. Just click on play and enjoy a breathtaking lecture from this spectacular teacher.

4. How Robotics can Help Students Develop 21st Century Skills by Gary Garber

Mr. Gary Garber is an expert in robotics and LEGO Education. He is convinced that robotics can help students develop 21st century skills in an effective, unique way.

In this STEM webinar, Mr. Garber spoke about his theory and showed many tools that can actually help students succeed in an unknown future. Listen carefully to his advice and be ready for what’s about to come.

5. The first online panel for STEM educators, by STEM educators

Aaron Maurer, Gary Garber and the great Merredith Portsmore shared a virtual table to discuss STEM, STEAM, robotics for education, LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, Problem-Based learning, gamified learning platforms and much, much more.

If you couldn’t attend this remarkable STEM webinar, you should definitely listen to these educators and get as many tips as you can to improve your class, your educator techniques, or the approach you currently have with your students.

6. Robotics for STEM teachers: Online Workshop #1 by Adi Shmorak

This was a-mazing. The interaction Adi Shmorak, CoderZ’s Head of Product Innovation, had with the attendees to this STEM workshop was, simply, breathtaking.

In this series of 3 webinars, he taught educators many items about CoderZ’s online learning environment, about the EV3 robot and about robotics for education in general.

This was only the first series of many more to come, so besides watching it again, stay tuned for our upcoming STEM webinars.

If you think you could be a great speaker for our next STEM webinar, just contact us and we can schedule a call to see when and where can you host a session to help other educators like you. This isn’t only about branding and social marketing, but about helping teachers reach new levels of success.

May the code be with you!