36 Science Activities to do while teaching remotely
36 Science Activities to do while teaching remotely

36 Science Activities to do while teaching remotely

Online Teaching, Coding for Kids
Updated: May 2022 May. 2022
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Online Teaching, Coding for Kids

We know how frustrating it is to put all your efforts into preparing an unforgettable STEM class for your students, and then not being able to put it into practice because of a global pandemic that forces almost all schools in the world to start having classes online and remotely.

Teachers and educators from all around are adapting their classes to a new reality in which online learning is taking one of the most important roles. But, how can you do a STEM class you planned for the classroom while your students are learning from home?

Is there a way to leave your pupils with their mouths wide open while doing a physics experiment, or a science project, or something that inside the traditional classroom would have worked in an amazing way? We have some good news: Yes, there is a way!

In this opportunity, we are not only talking about cyber robotics or the skills your students can get while coding their very own virtual robot. Instead, we want to show you how you can amaze your students with science projects you can lead them to do from their own houses.

Take a deep breath! We understand that adapting the format you carefully designed to deliver your class is not an easy nor a pleasant thing to do. But not only because of coronavirus, but also because of the new educational technology paradigms, we must understand -as teachers- how important it is to do this exercise and think about a new way to deliver the class we broke our heads to plan.

First of all, get to know all the tools you have to keep on teaching in an exciting, encouraging, and engaging way. There are several tools available for teachers to use that can bring both you and your students a fantastic learning experience.

We understand that this situation puts teachers in a complicated situation, where they have to face new challenges while finding the tools that fit their class structure and their students’ personality. But, when we understand the importance of flexibility, many unique opportunities appear as new and exciting ways to do an interactive STEM class.

We must understand that working from home doesn’t mean working alone. By using either Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whereby, or any other platform in which you can interact with your students, you could lead science projects from far away, by only encouraging them to use elements they’ll -most likely- have at home.

The most important thing is to work together, to give them the feeling of “togetherness” even while each one of them (including yourself) is working from a different geographical place. They still have that need to belong, and it is your responsibility to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment even when teaching online.

As you already know, adaptation is very important, so show some positivity, share a bright vibe with your pupils, and let them comprehend how accessible, enjoyable, and fun STEM projects can be.

But, how can you do this? A nice way is to present them one, two, or a few of the exciting science projects we are going to show you right now. Take a look at them, see how they fit your class curriculum, and discover innovative ways to incorporate them into your class plan. How does it sound?

Here you’ll find 36 STEM and science projects you can include in your class plan, especially while teaching remotely. We know that virtual classrooms can be complicated sometimes and that not all students pay attention as they should.

But what if you bring some of these projects into that virtual classroom? Encourage your students to record themselves, or share their process live with the entire class.

By doing this, you are not only encouraging them to learn STEM in a more exciting way, but you are also creating a safe space in which students can participate and interact without being afraid of mistakes.

By doing this, mistakes are going to be taken as learning experiences… and that is priceless!

One of the things you must take into consideration is your students’ safety, not all projects are suitable for all ages. So go ahead, watch these cool STEM projects your students can do from home, and see how to integrate them into your own class plan. The time is now!

If you are interested in robotics but your students are learning remotely, a virtual robot for each one of them sounds like a great opportunity. Take a look at CoderZ and discover how it feels to teach STEM and to strengthen the skills they’ll need in the future, while they program their very own virtual robot in a gamified, mission-based, and engaging learning environment.

May the code be with you!

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