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CoderZ Professional Development

CoderZ PD will introduce participants to the concepts of teaching Computer Science and Computational Thinking using an on-line tool. With a full understanding of the goals of the CS framework and the competencies this delivers, the participants will learn to develop a STEM/CS program and deliver classes to students while becoming familiar with the concepts and content they will be required to teach. Using a graphic programming interface and a comprehensive curriculum, the use of a gamified self-paced tool to engage students will be covered in depth.

CoderZ Content Framework

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Professional Development Team

Christa Fairman - Professional Development Manager

A coding enthusiast, Level 1 Google Certified Educator, and Professional Development Manager for CoderZ, Christa is responsible for developing and delivering professional development and working with schools and districts to ensure they meet their defined goals. She first joined CoderZ in 2017 as an 8th Grade teacher participating in the First CRCC Event in the Greater DC area. The next year she integrated the CoderZ learning platform into her curriculum and a team placed second in the Virginia CRCC Live Event, followed by a first-place team victory in the South Atlantic Region Live Event in the Fall of 2019. Christa is committed to collaborating with teachers and educational leaders to deliver relevant training supporting 21st Century learning and a CoderZ journey as engaging and meaningful as it was to her and her students.

Christa has been innovating, teaching and training in the K-12 arena for over 30 years, working with students, teachers and educational leaders at the school, district and state levels. From 2005 to 2008 she served as a Technology Integration Specialist for Arizona’s Statewide Instructional Technology (SIT) Project assisting teachers and administrators in developing and implementing instructional programs integrated with relevant technology and quality STEM content. During her tenure as an Educational Technology Specialist with Yuma Elementary School District One Christa founded, implemented, supervised, and witnessed District One’s iTEAM KiDS Technology Ambassador Program develop and be recognized as a District of Distinction Honoree by the District Administrator’s Magazine. A program she is proud to say remains successful today with students, grades 3 – 8, continuing to provide professional development to their teachers and support their peers with technology use and troubleshooting.

Because coding supports learning, is cross-curricular, fosters creativity, and develops problem solvers Christa dedicates time to developing young programmers. How young? The youngest is three and a half. She encourages and challenges others to do the same.