Cyber Robotics 102 Curriculum

Meet Ruby the robot! Ruby introduces students, ages 10 – 14, to engineering and technology concepts in a virtual physical environment which simulates situations, scenarios and reactions

CR102 - CoderZ Curriculum and Learning Programs

Cyber Robotics 102 is a sequel to Cyber Robotics 101 for learning STEM and coding topics using gamified missions in a realistic physical environment. Students will learn mechanics, physics, navigation, control and sensors while being introduced to rogramming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, functions and more.

Over 15 hours of curriculum, activities, and assignments
Over 70 gamified missions with easy to follow walkthroughs and tips
Teacher resources including guides, presentations and solutions
Online support, knowledge base with articles and a call center

Meet Ruby the robot!

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Course outline and learning objectives

Bring Cyber-Robotics into your classroom Use the appeal of robotics and gaming to introduce all your students to coding

Plains & Hills I

Session 1

Getting started with robot control in a realistic physical environment (Distance, speed and graphical representation).

Plains & Hills II

Session 2

Newton’s 2nd law of physics: speed, acceleration, mass and forces (motors, gravity).

Cruise Control

Session 3

Understanding speed control and feedback – closed loop control. Conditional statements: If-else.

Dangerous Curves I

Session 4

Pivot and screw turns using two motors, Gyroscopic sensors.

Dangerous Curves II

Session 5

Smooth turns. Understand the advantages/disadvantages of different turns.

Drawing and doodling

Session 6

Using the encoder for driving accurate distances. Apply what was learned so far and complete creative challenges.

Touch, Avoid, Repeat

Session 7

Using a touch sensor and distance sensor while performing repetitive operations.

Random Obstacles Ahead

Session 8

Variables: integer types. Mathematical operators: +,* Foundation of state machines.

Radar Missions

Session 9

Modular operators. Radar for scanning the environment.

Colorful Code

Session 10

Color sensor, variables: integer type, logic operators

Repeat Again

Session 11

Nested loops and their utilities including challenges and missions.

Meet Ruby's Magnetic Arm

Session 12

Using the magnetic arm to interact and rearrange objects in the scene.

Following a line

Session 13

Following a line for accurate navigation, on-off control, proportional control.

A Hard Block Life

Session 14

Using encoders, gyro and reflection values to align to lines on the floor.