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2 Oct

6 Steps to a Successful Hybrid Learning Experience

By Wyman Khuu and Jane Chavez Here are some of the top ways teachers can infuse real-world experiences into the hybrid educational environment for th...

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1 Oct

CoderZ and Amazon Future Engineer Launch Amazon Cyber Robotics Back-to-School Challenge

All competition participants have a chance to win $250 for their classrooms; Title I teachers can also apply for yearlong access to the CoderZ curricu...

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10 Sep

September 3 2020

Course Updates: Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge We received feedback that the camera angle is not very helpful when trying to complete some of the...

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1 Sep

5 Ways to Get Students Interested in Computer Coding

By Sarah Trotta and Michaela Durand You don’t need a computer science degree to get your students onboard with coding. Here are five steps to succe...

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4 Aug

Is your STEM platform ready for hybrid learning? Use this checklist to find out.

If ever there was a time that underscored the need for strong STEM education, it is now. Our students – our future scientists, engineers, and leader...

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31 Jul

Student Engagement While Learning Virtually: Slightly Unusual Ideas

Educators know how challenging it can be to keep students engaged in class, and many of us learned that sustaining engagement in remote learning envir...

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6 Jul

Virtual Robotics Competitions: Rebuilding STEM Momentum

Robotics competitions the world over are ariteof passage for STEM students.There’s nothing quite like building a team, accepting the challenge, lear...

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3 Jun

36 Science Activities to do while teaching remotely

We know how frustrating it is to put all your efforts into preparing an unforgettable STEM class for your students, and then not being able to put it ...

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3 Jun

The value of online competitions: An interview with Suat & Murat

In order to better understand what teachers, administrators, and educators, in general, are going through, we decided to ask them how they feel while ...

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27 May

5 Tips for Integrating Computer Coding into Your Classroom

By Tracy Trexler Here’s how we use computer coding to prep students for career success, improve their communication skills, encourage active engage...

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