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12 Jul

“I Didn’t Want to Let It Go”: STEM Access Deep in the Heart of Texas

Jacqueline Moreno knows a thing or two about the impact of access. As the Director for Math and Science at Galena Park Independent School District (I....

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1 Jul

6 Strategies Educators Can Adopt For Equitable STEM Communities

Strategies and Resources Educators Can Adopt From Thriving Tech Communities Equitable STEM opportunities in Computer Science fields have been at the f...

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30 Jun

Teachers! Change the WORLD with These 27 FREE NASA RESOURCES

Everyone loves NASA. And NASA loves everyone. In fact, they’re brimming with NASA resources for educators and ways to get engaged. Need some quick i...

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24 Jun

*FREE RESOURCE* 5 Critical Components of Equity-Focused Teaching

5 Critical Components of Establishing a Foundation for Equity-Focused Teaching In need of ways to bring equity to your classroom? Check out the FREE R...

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22 Jun

Science Convinced me to Make a Difference for Students of the World

Enjoy the first piece written by our featured guest writer, Maria Anna van Driel, of the Next Truth magazine and podcast. When we think about ‘maki...

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18 Jun

5 Ways To Encourage STEM Brain Development In Your Child

By: Dr. Sharon Torrence Jones, Founder, thedot. Consulting & Dottie Rose Foundation What’s your child’s favorite subject in school? The commo...

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18 Jun

The Cutest Books Dedicated to Convincing Your Kids to Learn Coding

Best Coding Books for Kids Today! Anyone will tell you that technology today is amazing. From smart cars to smart toasters, everywhere we look we can ...

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17 Jun

Empower Your Classroom with 21st Century Learning Skills TODAY

What are the 21st century skills for kids? With the rapidly changing global economy, preparing our next generation of problem-solvers for the 21st cen...

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14 Jun

The Innovative Reasons you Have to Teach Math with Coding

Teaching math in an elementary classroom sounds as easy as herding cats while you teach them to sing on key. Essential to both processes are patience,...

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11 Jun

The 70 BEST Elementary STEM Activities: STEM Fun for Your Little Ones!

[caption id="attachment_37574" align="alignleft" width="300"] "Can't we do some SCIENCE?!"[/caption] The kids are home and they are BORED! Like many p...

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