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18 Aug

How Self Awareness can Change the way you Teach for the Better

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner. Read the previous one here! Why do you need Social Emotional Learning ...

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16 Aug

How STEM Changes the Way Students Think About the Future and Themselves

By Derrick Shiroma, Robotics teacher at Kalākaua Middle School Validation came when my 8th-grade student realized that carrying cement didn’t ha...

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15 Aug

Why you HAVE to Teach Computer Science for All

It is no secret that we are in the era of rapidly expanding knowledge and technologies, problem-solving acquisition, and humankind’s peak of critica...

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14 Aug

Social Emotional Learning: Why and how does it fit with STEM?

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner. Read the previous one here! Many years ago now, while sitting in precalc...

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13 Aug

Why I’m Teaching Computer Science in my Middle School Math Classes

By Amy Thorpe For the very first time in my 12-year teaching career, my students will be learning computer science in our math classroom.  Coi...

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13 Aug

Social Emotional Learning: Why Does it Matter?

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner In our last post, we talked about what social-emotional learning is. Toda...

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5 Aug

Top 10 Free Coding Resources for Students that will Change Your Classroom

When today’s students enter the future workforce, there will be significantly more technology jobs than ever before, and a vast majority of students...

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4 Aug


Chaos, mischief, mayhem, commotion, madness! Well, we're not just putting random words together- it looks like STEM activities in a middle school clas...

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3 Aug

Out-STEM-ing Teacher Feature: Social Emotional Learning Saved My Life

Please enjoy our Out-STEM-ing Teacher Feature for August 2nd, 2021 Do you know an out-STEM-ing educator? Nominate them here!  SEL for Every...

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29 Jul

COVID-19 & Education: How to Motivate your Students to learn STEM remotely

Fact: You don’t want to get infected, nor to infect your students. There is a simple solution to stop the spread of this virus, and it is staying a...

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