Cyber robotics: Teach STEM and Change the World

It becomes hard to think how we could pass from an entire room being occupied by huge machines, to have that same technology in a 5.7 inches cellphone in our pocket. How and when did time fly so fast?

As time flies, it changes our society. Therefore, the qualifications the world requires for us to be an active participant become harder and more difficult to get. In consequence, appears this sort of responsibility in parents and teachers to find new, exciting, engaging and effective ways to teach the leaders of tomorrow how to deal with a world that is constantly changing.

How do you teach for an uncertain future? How do we prepare the future generation of decision makers to be ready for a future when we don’t exactly know how it will look?

A good belief is that we should actually provide today students with skills. Skills that will enable them to take the challenges of their era, own them and create a positive impact on our world.

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Cyber reality, a healthy space for teaching with technology

A few weeks ago we opened the debate. We asked if EdTech was a good or a bad thing for our kids. We believe that with the right usage, it can onlyhttp://‘’/blog/pros-cons-using-education-technology/ provide them with benefits. How do we create a society that takes technology in their hands, and uses this problem-solver, to create new and even more developed solutions? The answer might be cyber-robotics.

The cyber-robotics for education concept was born to break a barrier. To create equal opportunities and to bring the undeniable benefits of having a robotics program or of using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, for example; to every single student in the world.

CoderZ Brickbot Parking ev3 simulator
CoderZ Brickbot Parking

Cyber-robotics: Every kid can learn how to program a virtual and a real robot

With online learning environments like CoderZ, that teaches STEM and enable worldwide kids to incorporate all of these skills we discussed in the beginning of this post through the programming of a real and a virtual robot, we are creating a unique opportunity for students.

Cyber-robotics comes to allow today’s kids to create an actual change in the future, to not worry about the high cost of a kit of robotics hardware and for them to just go deep into the fields of computational thinking, algorithmical thinking and problem-solving exercises. Because just like we mentioned during one of our latest STEM webinars sessions, robots are problem-solvers. Period. Or are they?

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We should educate students for their future. Not our past: Cyber robotics as an educational tool

The final goal is to have a well-prepared generation for the future of the globe. Robots are problem-solvers, yes, but they can be way more than only that.

Robotics can be an open door to understand the world differently, to discover new ways to act and react, to create a generation of people that will be more aware of what their neighbor needs and you guys know why? To be ready to create a solution for that issue, for a real problem.

Robotics can be the ultimate way to create a fairer society. Kids that learn robotics at school could be constantly searching for problems to solve, and therefore, we should bring robotics to everyone, turning this field into something affordable and accessible. How? Cyber-Robotics. You don’t always need the hardware to develop the skills that will, one day very soon, change the world.

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