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How to Connect STEAM-Based Education to the Real (Online) World

STEAM-based education is based on the idea that science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics are essential to solving problems in the ...

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Closing The Gap Between Men and Women in STEM | Guest Bloggers

Why is there such a gap between men and women in STEM? See what can be done to fix the problem! ...

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CRCC Competitions: Inspiring the entire CoderZ team | Interview with Dorin Shani

See what our very own Dorin Shani has to say about CRCC and today's kids! Read this great interview! ...

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The Importance of Closing the STEM Gap in Rural Schools | Guest Bloggers

See how to close the STEM gap in rural schools with these great tools ...

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Even more amazing EV3 Projects to do with your students!

Enjoy 3 spectacular EV3 projects you can do with your kids or with your students! ...

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STEM Education for Girls: Innovative Programs from Across the Globe | Guest Bloggers

See some great, innovative programs from all around the globe to engage girls in STEM! ...

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