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 As a member of the Program, you get exclusive access to resources that will help you promote CoderZ curriculum, relevant and timely competitions, and special offers for schools and clubs. As educators face an uncertain back to school season, what is certain is a shared need for flexible, hybrid solutions to work in any learning scenario. The below resources will help you position CoderZ as the ideal STEM solution.

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About CoderZ

CoderZ is a powerful, easy to use, award-winning online platform through which students learn valuable STEM skills such as coding, robotics and physical computing. CoderZ is designed for use in the classroom or through a wide range of remote learning environments.

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How CoderZ Helps


Students perceive the platform as a fun, gamified experience thanks to easy-to-use code editors and 3D virtual simulations of robots. As students run their code – they get immediate feedback from the simulation and remain highly motivated to accomplish their missions.  Students learn coding skills by completing missions with their virtual robot. Each mission focuses on a specific skill. The students are supported with curriculum, tips & hints, a knowledge center that contains sample code – as well as through the feedback received by the simulation. The game like environment of learning ensures students are engaged and motivated to learn. 


Teachers see a timely, relevant, and highly engaging platform that aligns to standards, provides in-depth support, and delivers immediate feedback enabling personalized instruction.    Teacher training with CoderZ is easy. Our professional development, which includes a range of ever-ready resources for teachers (teacher guide; pacing guide; solutions; discussion points and assessments) helps teachers with no coding/robotics background to feel comfortable and confident to teach with CoderZ . 


CoderZ offers different programs to elementary, middle and high school students, as well as a virtual coding competition that generates unparalleled excitement and enthusiasm for STEM.  CoderZ is cloud-based, accessible online from the classroom or at home and puts the world of coding and robotics in the hands of every student. All that is required to get started is connectivity and a simple Chrome book.   The CoderZ curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and K-12 Computer Science Standards (CSTA – Computer Science Teachers Association).  

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CoderZ Adventure

Launch coding adventures for young learners!

Connect students to coding with gamified missions that are fun and exciting. Starting a virtual robotics program has never been easier or more engaging. Designed for inclusivity and accessibility so that every student wins.

Cyber Robotics 101

Discover the exciting world of virtual robotics!

Students have serious fun while learn coding basics. Our highly engaging missions are based on real-world scenarios, allow students to use text editors or Blockly with ease.

Cyber Robotics 102

Dive deeper into the world of robotics and coding!

Students take coding and robotics to the next level while learning communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills…all while programming own virtual robots.

Python Gym

Introduce students to the world’s #1 programming language!

Students learn object-oriented programming and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they learn to design, code, and debug Python programs.

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CoderZ is ready-made for any learning scenario, and ready to switch on a moment’s notice without losing any momentum. Solve for access, equity, and continuity in STEM. Get CoderZ going and it’ll be the win you, your teachers, and your students really need.

Message # 2

CoderZ is a powerful, easy to use, award-winning online platform through which students of every age learn valuable STEM skills such as coding, robotics and physical computing. CoderZ is designed for use in the classroom or through a wide range of remote learning environments. 


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What is CoderZ?
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Exploring Cyber Robotics 102


Learning to Code with Python Gym
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CoderZ League

Schools around the world are now registering for CoderZ League, the fourth-annual virtual robotics competition kicking off this fall. The competition is a proven way to motivate student learning, engage all students in coding, and foster important skills in communication and teamwork. To encourage students of every coding level to participate, we are offering two leagues:

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CoderZ League JUNIOR Logo

CoderZ League 2020 Logo

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