30 Aug

Computer Science in Iowa: 6 Easy Steps to Score up to $30,000 for Your District! *FREE GRANT APPLICATION TEMPLATE*

Check out our FREE GRANT APPLICATION TEMPLATE for the Iowa Computer Science and PD Grant opportunity! Welcome to Iowa, the land of corn and opport...

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26 Aug

Dr. Sharon Jones: Computer Science Advocate and Out-STEM-ing Educator

Please enjoy our August Out-STEM-ing Teacher Feature, Dr. Sharon Jones of the Dottie Rose Foundation, and much more! Read our previous feature here! ...

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25 Aug

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge: How to Change Your Classroom and Future

#StepIntoSTEM CoderZ is working hard to accelerate students’ learning of STEM and computer science at an early age. Our new #stepintostem program...

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25 Aug

Why Self Management Matters and How to Incorporate it into your STEM Classroom

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner. Read the previous one here! Keep tabs for more free social emotional lear...

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23 Aug

Engineers of the Future! See Yourself in Tomorrow with Amazon Future Engineer!

In order for the future of the technology industry to adapt to the ever-growing and complex job market, the industry needs to focus on capturing a mor...

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18 Aug

How Self Awareness can Change the way you Teach for the Better

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner. Read the previous one here! Why do you need Social Emotional Learning ...

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16 Aug

How STEM Changes the Way Students Think About the Future and Themselves

By Derrick Shiroma, Robotics teacher at Kalākaua Middle School Validation came when my 8th-grade student realized that carrying cement didn’t ha...

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15 Aug

Why you HAVE to Teach Computer Science for All

It is no secret that we are in the era of rapidly expanding knowledge and technologies, problem-solving acquisition, and humankind’s peak of critica...

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14 Aug

Social Emotional Learning: Why and how does it fit with STEM?

This series of Social-Emotional articles is written by Victoria Kirgesner. Read the previous one here! Many years ago now, while sitting in precalc...

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13 Aug

Why I’m Teaching Computer Science in my Middle School Math Classes

By Amy Thorpe For the very first time in my 12-year teaching career, my students will be learning computer science in our math classroom.  Coincid...

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