30 Aug

5 Tips to create a remarkable STEM class this new school year

Time flies. It is incredible to think that another school year is just beginning, and that we need to look, once again, for innovative tools to make o...

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24 Aug

5 Remarkable Collaborative Learning and Formative Assessment Tools

In education, personalized learning is the key to success. Collaborative learning and a more social pedagogic processes in the classroom becomes cruci...

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16 Aug

CoderZ™ Announces: New virtual EV3 robot

It has been an exciting season! Since we announced our full compatibility with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 and the many improvements and advances in C...

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3 Aug

5 Resources for Professional Development for Teachers

For a long time and in various channels we’ve been mentioning the numerous changes our world is going through. We are witnessing a revolution that h...

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