31 Jul

CoderZ meetup

The first Coderz meetup has launched successfully last week. We invite you now to join us in leading STEM Revolution in your environment with our supp...

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30 Jul

5 Best Programming Languages for Kids

Programming is a great skill for any child to learn and develop. Programming basics are something that anyone who will one day work with computers sho...

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28 Jul

May The Code Be With You

Itwould not be an understatement to say that coding is now the biggest force in STEM education. Back in 1995, in aninterview for Channel 4, SteveJobs ...

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25 Jul

Introducing Game Based Elements in Today’s K-12 Classroom

Too often as adults, we hear things like, “Life isn’t game,” and likely just as many times, we think for a split second that it should be. Resea...

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20 Jul

Teach Girls STEM Subjects to Make a Real Difference

The inherent nature of most girls is to nurture and to make a difference in the lives of others; when you teach girls STEM subjects (Science, Technolo...

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15 Jul

Robotics and Math

The field of robotics is not clearly defined. As a writer and Coderz tester here at Intelitek, I often find myself wondering what exactly robotics is....

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