Why CoderZ ?

CoderZ Features

Realistic Gamified Simulations

Learning coding through a gentrified simulationCoderZ features integrated 3D simulations of educational robots within realistically rendered simulation scenes. Students can write, test and evaluate their code while solving problems from the real world.


Education friendly easy to deploy online environment. CoderZ is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere there is internet. Students can access CoderZ from school, home or anywhere else they may be which easily allows for flipped classes or homework assignments.

Visual Editor / Text Editor

CoderZ is the best tool to learn STEM and compute scienceThe visual programming interface removes the intimidation factor and lets students start with blockly and advance to the Java code behind the blocks. CoderZ is suited to students of all levels: from middle school through high school.

Teacher Support

Teachers can teach coding with blocklyUsing self paced curriculum, detailed teacher guides and a wealth of tools to help teachers introduce STEM concepts to their classroom, CoderZ resolves one of the biggest challenges for educators by providing enhanced visibility and reporting of student progress.

Why CoderZ?


Using CoderZ, students engage with fun real world challenges and receive immediate feedback. CoderZ encourages students to progress at their own pace by creating reachable goals. With CoderZ students learn STEM and have fun at the same time.


To succeed in the 21st century our students will need knowledge of multiple STEM fields and strong problem-solving skills. CoderZ integrates many STEM disciplines into one project-based learning environment preparing students for tomorrow’s world.


In CoderZ’s stunning online simulator every student worldwide can code his or her own virtual robot. Anywhere. Anytime. All that is needed is an internet connection. Additionally, teachers with any level of experience can teach with CoderZ.

What CoderZ users say about us

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