The results are in for the 2017 SkillsUSA Virtual Competition…

After much deliberation, and careful examination, our judges have produced the following scores. We would like to thank the teams for participating and congratulate them on a job well done. You all did great.


Here are the arguments in brief, that lead to our decision:

Team 127 submitted a code that was elegant, included use of variables and proportional control and was very consistent throughout our runs, yet it was still only able to reach 118 points.

Team 129 submitted a code that was fairly straightforward with no sophistication but that was still able to repeatedly collect almost all points available. When it came to reaching the objective, team 129 did it in less time, while reaching a higher score.

The code review was done independently from the score so when we added the code review with the mission score we were confronted with a tie.

We struggled to find a tiebreaker to help us determine the absolute winner, but we could consistently find arguments to support a reversed decision. Eventually we decided a tie would be the best result.

Thank you again for your time and considerable efforts. You did an amazing job!

Category Team 127 Team 129
Efficiency 10 10
Elegance 15 5
Documentation 5 10
Mission Score 118 123*
Total 148 148

* The highest score possible in SkillsUSA mission was 124 points. Due to a bug, the leaderboard showed a score of 125 points by team 129. The submitted code was able to reach a score of 123 and that is the score we used in our calculations.


Our representatives will be in touch with the winning teams within a few days regarding prizes.