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Learning coding with blockly

CoderZ is an innovative, friendly and engaging online learning tool. It provides students between 6th and 12th grade with a strong foundation to real world technologies with high demand. Being an online platform allows CoderZ to be a highly affordable solution for schools in the search to make robotics and programming education accessible to any student.

The ultimate platform for learning coding. Ideal for both students and teachers.
Students have the opportunity to learn online with engaging, gamified solutions, challenges and competitions. Working at their own pace, students can easily program real and virtual robots from anywhere in the world. CoderZ enables them to acquire computational thinking, problem solving skills and learn coding as a life skill. CoderZ is designed for students with different background levels of robotics: From Blockly to Java.

Educators can take advantage of an online learning environment that includes specialized content and learning management tools. Teachers can view dashboards with students statistics, video tutorials, access built-in support for popular robotics platforms and object oriented coding, such as Java. This teacher friendly design also makes time-consuming and costly training unnecessary, enabling educators to teach robotics classes faster and easier than ever.

Affordable and scalable: CoderZ makes robotics and programming accessible to everyone

Since CoderZ is a platform that is completely online with virtual robot simulations, the need for robotics kits and pieces decreases dramatically. This cuts equipment expenses to a minimum. Educators do not need specialized training to teach robotics classes which cuts the costs even more. With this highly affordable solution, it is now possible to bring the fascinating world of robotics to more students. Schools that have had an ongoing struggle to establish or expand their robotics programs can finally move forward with CoderZ – a solution that offers a flexible and scalable virtual solution.

About CRCC

The Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC) is the first-of-its-kind online competition designed to be interactive and exciting as participants learn how robots work and expand their knowledge of STEM careers. Competitors undertake their missions on Intelitek’s CoderZ Cyber Robotics Learning Environment, a cloud-based platform featuring a graphical simulation of LEGO robotics kits. The innovative, online platform has a coding interface where users between 6th and 12th grade can activate a virtual robot, or “cyber-robot,” and watch the results in a real-time simulation. For more information about CRCC please visit CRCC website.

About Intelitek

Intelitek roboticIntelitek has been transforming education and bringing robotics into classrooms across the globe through comprehensive technology learning solutions for more than 30 years. The Company’s innovative tools and technologies empower instructors and inspire students to improve the world around them. Intelitek’s sustainable support and professional development ensure the continued success of educational programs. By helping deliver the competencies needed for in-demand careers, Intelitek is producing results for students, teachers, nations, and economies.

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