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Craig Johnson
Middle school teacher, San Diego, California
“ I really love this program and whether it be for distance learning, in-class instruction or a hybrid course for when we open back up our school, I see that I will be using CoderZ for years to come.”
Jean Francois Mahoro
Curriculum and Instruction Manager, CodeCrew, Memphis TN Tennessee
“ Coderz platform is extremely helpful because with the cost of EV3 Mindstorm kit being so high, the idea of virtual robots helps our organization to truly focus on the teaching given that we serve the underrepresented populations where most families can’t afford to purchase the high cost tools or devices.”
Molly K.
CTE Teacher, Cele Middle School, Texas
“ I have loved using it. I only had one student who’s computer could not run the graphics. I get higher engagement in my robotics course than the other classes I teach..”

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