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STEM and Computer Science enrichment are in high demand. CoderZ makes teaching them easy and engaging with a gamified curriculum that kids love!

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As a professional tutor, this is an incredible opportunity to elevate your career and earn more income, while helping kids reach their full potential in an increasingly technological world.

Why CoderZ Tutors Program

We believe that STEM and CS education are essential for the future and should be universally available to all kids. So we built a virtual platform which makes it easy for anyone to learn (and teach) in a way that brings these subjects to life.

Why Now?

As more parents and kids opt for online enrichment or even homeschooling, the demand for good tutors is sharply rising. There has never been a better or more critical time to help kids learn—whether as an independent tutor or as part of an online education marketplace. (With CoderZ you can do both!)


We’re passionate STEM and Computer Science nerds—and proud of it.
Making kids as excited to learn these subjects as we are, gets us out of bed in the morning.
It’s why kids love us! (That, and our awesome robots.)


Is it time to quit your day job?

Join our CoderZ Tutors Program and attract more
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How does tutoring with CoderZ work?

You bring the STUDENTS
Launch a course in your local community or any online platform that you choose. We’ll help you get started with tools to spread the word and a course link to share for students to sign up. Easy as Pi.
We provide the platform
Complete CoderZ’s application process, and once approved you’ll get full and free access to our virtual platform. Unlimited classes and seats—no additional costs.

How Do Elementary Students Best Learn Problem-Solving?

In the midst of the new technology age, it is critical that we are teaching kids problem-solving. But how do elementary students best learn problem-solving? With the ability to effectively problem-solve comes the ability to try and fail and try again, no matter the task. Rather than standardized tests, an evaluation of a child’s ability to reason and act would tell us how that student will face challenges. It’s no question- research shows...

Awards and Partnerships

April 2021

EdTech Digest Awards in the coding, computer science, engineering solution category

February 2021

Winner of Tech & Learning "Remote Learning" Award

September 2020

Tech Edvocate Award Winner for Best Coding App or Tool!

Aug 2020

Selected as virtual platform for Singapore's National Robotics Competition

July 2020

Release of Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

Jun 2020

Selected by LEGO to launch Spike Prime™ virtual course

May 2020

Selected by SESI, Brazil - STEM-learning platform

Jan 2019

Establishment of 20 STEM centers across Ghana with CoderZ as core curriculum