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Registration is now closed. The next NH competition will open in the fall of 2018. If you are looking for another CRCC event please contact Josh at [email protected]

New Hampshire Cyber Robotics Coding Competition 2017

The Department of Education of New Hampshire and the ISCEF Foundation have combined to launch the nation’s first Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC), a virtual competition for middle schoolers of all levels to an exciting competitive event that will challenge their skills and showcase NH school’s STEM achievements.

Most important, an event that will motivate and encourage students of all types to get involved in STEM.

  • Kicking off on October 30th with a teacher orientation and training, the competition platform, CoderZ from Intelitek, will be available to all students for a practice and learning.
  • On Nov 6th, the competition begins with students getting access to a series of challenges to solve by coding the virtual robots.
  • Schools who complete the most challenges and deliver the most efficient code before Dec 4th will advance to the finals
  • The finals, a week long coding event with master challenges will culminate in an event and awards to be presented on Dec 12th.

Robotics and coding create pathways to careers and jobs in industry – through robotics, students in middle and high school learn not only mechanics and programming, but also the math, science and engineering principles behind robots. Cyber Robotics and Coding will help New Hampshire schools expand their approach to STEM using virtual training tools and take the skills that students learn to new practical levels.

Benefits of this opportunity

  • Involve all your students – participation is the most important measurement
  • Promote diversity – boys and girls alike can participate
  • No equipment needed – CoderZ is online, students only need a chrome browser
  • Anywhere, anytime – access from classroom, media center, library or home
  • STEM awareness – promote tech literacy and high demand job skills

Like Spelling Bees, Soccer tournaments, or academic competitions, the competitive spirit motivates students to participate and excel. The NH CRCC will be beneficial to more and more students from all backgrounds, ages, genders and experience levels.

What you need to do:

  • Sign up your school – one coordinator from each NH school should register the school.
  • At registration, tell us which grades you expect to participate
  • Attend Teacher Orientation (Oct 30th 3pm) – here will introduce the teachers to the platform and provide details about the competition. Sign Up Link
  • Share the details with students for registration – with a provided class code, students will self enroll and begin coding.
  • Compete – On Nov 6th, the competition begins and students have 30 days to complete multiple challenges.

All schools will have access to a leader board which will indicate real time data on the progress of all the participating schools

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can register?
    • The application form is for each school – one teacher or administrator who will be the primary contact for the school should register. The competition organizers will provide ongoing and detailed updates to the primary contact, teachers and students as necessary.
  • What grade is this competition for?
    • The CRCC is targeted at middle and high schoolers. Each school will have the ability to register classes from the 5th to 12th grade level and the grades will compete with the same grade from all schools
  • I’m a STEM teacher, how can I register?
    • Registration for the competition is on the school level.
    • Teachers can register for the Orientation Session. You don’t need to register individually for the competition, the school adminstrator will designate all the teachers who will be leading classes and we will contact you with more details about the orientation session and how to access CoderZ.
    • Make sure you and your colleagues are coordinated and someone is designated as the school lead and registers.
    • Tell all the other teachers about this.
  • I am a Student, how can I register?
    • You will get a class code from your teacher when the practice week starts and can self-register.
    • Make sure your teachers know about this event and ask who has registered your school.
  • How do I get access to CoderZ?
    • Access will be given to teachers and students as soon as the orientation session is complete (October 30th)
  • How is the competition judged
    • Competition Scoring will be determined by the NH DOE representative and will be based on multiple factors.
    • Inclusiveness: Percentage of students (out of the total) that have participated and completed the coding challenges
    • Teacher Involvement: Schools will be scored for the number of teachers that qualify to become mentors helping students in the competition
    • Diversity: Schools will be acknowledged for high percentage participation of girls in the competition
    • Excellence: Students and their schools will be awarded for excellence in the scores achieved in completion of the challenges
      • Points collected
      • Obstacles avoided
      • Number of challenges completed
      • Time to completion
      • Number of attempts
      • Quality of code
  • I want to use CoderZ to introduce my school to robotics. How can I do that?
    • CoderZ is a platform for learning coding and robotics. So in addition to this competition, you can get a license for the software and curriculum to use this in your ongoing STEM program. Contact us at ‘’ for more information.
    • Get in touch with us via email to [email protected] or call us at 603-413-2600
  • I didn’t get my activation link. What should I do?
    • Please check your spam folder. Search for an email coming from [email protected]
    • If you don’t find your activation link, please submit a ticket by sending an email to [email protected].
  • How can I get training for CoderZ?
    • There will be a training session for teachers on October 30th specifically centered around the competition and CoderZ
    • In addition, there are many different ways to get more information
  • When will student access to CoderZ expire?
    • Your CoderZ license will be valid until December 30th, 2017.