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Getting Started

With CoderZ Getting Started content pack , your students can start coding robots in no time. Through the 8 interactive lessons we cover different topics such as robotics drive systems, sensors, Loops and Ifs, all through engaging hands on activities and mission.

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Lesson 1: Drive Systems

All robots need drive systems to move around but how does it actually work? How can we control it?

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Lesson 2: Out for a Spin

Take the Pushbot out for a spin and learn how to control its movement including steering.


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Lesson 3: Repeat Loops

Using loops opens up a world of possibilities. Learn how to use them, and when.



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Lesson 4: Collision Detection

Using sensors, we can control our robot while being aware of its surrounding. With the Ultrasonic sensor we’ll be able to avoid obstacles.



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Lesson 5: What If? What If Not?

Loops are great, but they are not enough. We need to find a way for the robot to take some decision on its own. If’s are the way.



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Lesson 6: Turn! Turn! Turn!

You may have already noticed turning accurately is an issue. With Gyro sensors consider it Problem Solved! Well, almost 🙂


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Lesson 7: ODS

ODS Stands for Optical Distance Sensor. With it there is much more our robot can see and do.


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Lesson 8: Walk The Line

Can you follow a line? Can your robot? After this we’ll find out.


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