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The promotion of STEM education aligns with the worldwide education trend of equipping students to meet the changes and challenges in our society and around the world with rapid economic, scientific and technological developments.


Companies are desperate for computer programmers, and outside of engineering, no major presents the potential for higher earnings straight out of college than computer science. This is why more students should learn Coding. Newbies start with our Blockly, Scratch-like programming while more advanced users can go right to Java in the object-oriented code editor. Combined with curriculum for coding novices through to advanced engineering problem solving, CoderZ fits all levels at all types of schools

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Self paced curriculum Introduce students to the concepts of Robots and Code with CoderZ, an online learning environment for programming real and virtual robots.
This 45 hour program will teach your students to solve STEM problems through code, using math and engineering to overcome challenges.

Class Management

Detailed teacher guides and a wealth of tools to help teachers introduce STEM concepts to their classroom. CoderZ resolves one of the biggest challenges for educators by providing enhanced visibility and reporting of student progress.

Professional Development

We offer a series of webinars that prepare educators to integrate CoderZ into their schools, and guides them how to implement a coding program in school using CoderZ

Coding Competition

The Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC) is an online robotics tournament that engages students in coding. Mission based challenges of progressive difficulty guide students through more demanding coding tasks.

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